Bed Bug Facts & Statistics USA

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Over 99% of pest professionals have treated bed bugs in the last year

Top 3 places bed bugs habitat are

Apartments (95%)
Single family homes (93%)
Hotels (75%)

Most Unusual Places Include

Someone’s prosthetic leg
911 call center

All 50 States have bed bugs With

1. Chicago
2. Los Angeles
3. Washington, D.C

Being the top 3 based on Orkin report from 2015.

With 1 in 5 people having or knowing someone who has had a bed bug infestation.

How People Are Reducing The Risk Of Bed Bugs

29% have washed new clothing
27% have inspected or washed clothing after a trip
25% have inspected their hotel room
17% have inspected or vacuumed their suitcase
16% have inspected second hand furniture
15% have inspected dressing rooms

With 12% altering or even canceling a trip away completely because of bed bug concerns

The Cost Of Bed Bugs

$50,000,000: Was proposed by Rep. George Butterfield to spend by congress but it was never passed called the ’Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite Act of 2008’

$382,000: Awarded in 2013 to a Chicago couple who were surrounded by bed bugs in a motel

$10,000: The amount a victim could expect to receive in an out-of-court settlement

$1,500: One time professional exterminator cost

More Interesting Bed Bug Facts:

80° F: Temperature bed bugs grow the fastest and lay the most eggs

1 out of 3: The number of people who don’t feel bed bugs bites

550 Days: The amount of time an adult bedbug can survive without food


Orkin’s Top 50 Bed Bug Cities List Chicago tops list for fourth year in a row

Bed Bug Treatment – How To Kill Bed Bugs For Good

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