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Air mattress, commonly known as air beds or inflatable beds, have become very popular over the past few years, and for a good reason: lightweight, compact, portable, cost-effective and comfortable at the same time, the air mattress is the perfect alternative to the classic innerspring or memory foam mattress, for a fraction of the cost. The air mattress is usually made of PVC material and it is textile reinforced, for added comfort.

The perfect choice for camping trips and a great temporary bedding solution for guests, these mattresses can be inflated within minutes with an electric or a manual, foot powered pump. That being said, if you want to pick the best air mattress for you, then here you will find in-depth reviews of some of the best ones available on the market:

  1. The Insta Bed Raised Air Mattress

This is a cost-effective and comfortable raised air mattress that measures 80 inches in length, 60 inches in width and 19 inches in height. Available in a generous queen size, this bed features the powerful internal Never Flat AC pump that is specifically designed to inflate and deflate the mattress, with no effort on your side.

Features, Functions And Specifications

The air bed is also available in different levels of firmness, and given the fact that it is slightly raised it can be easily used without fitting it into a bed frame. Made of durable materials of the highest quality, the Insta Bed raised air mattress is designed to maintain its shape, design and high level of firmness over the years, while allowing you to relax and get a good night’s sleep. The mattress also comes with a handy carry bag, for easy and safe transportation.

The Never Flat technology is a relatively new system embedded in the modern air mattresses, and it is specifically designed to make it easier for the user to get in and out of bed, while adding to the comfort and the pleasure of the mattress at the same time.

Unlike most of the air mattresses on the market that use PVC (strong and durable, yet it stretches and expands greatly over the years), this one will maintain its pressure throughout the entire night, and retain its shape over the years.

The bed also features a generous amount of circular coils, depending on the size you opt for: the twin bed has 21 such coils while the queen bed has 35 circular coils, for a comfortable sleeping surface. Also, the bed comes with both horizontal and vertical reinforcements designed to help the body maintain its shape and design in the long run, and the queen bed weighs no more than 25 pounds, thus making it easy to carry around with you whenever you go camping.


The Never Flat pump that is embedded in the mattress is incredibly silent and it will not interfere with your sleep in any way – it will efficiently eliminate any and all loss of air pressure and sagging that may occur during the night, it is automatically engaged and it will keep your mattress functioning at the best performance.

As mentioned above, the mattress is available in three different levels of comfort and firmness: the plush level, which is the softest one and perfect for those who want to “sink in” and relax, the medium level of firmness which is located at the intersection between soft and firm, and the firm level which is perfect for those with neck, shoulder or back problems, as it offers unparalleled support and pressure point relief.

The mattress also features an exquisite and high power Never Flat primary pump which, just as the name implies, will make sure that the mattress will never deflate itself while in use. The pump now allows you to quickly and effortlessly deflate your air bed, it comes with a handy automatic shut off feature that detects the pressure in the bed and switches off the pump. Also, the primary pump comes with different comfort settings, allowing you to pre-set the desired firmness of the mattress.

The secondary pump is where all the magic happens – this is the silent pump which constantly keeps an eye on the pressure inside the bed and silently keeps it inflated, maintaining the desired level of comfort throughout the entire night.

This pump comes with a generous cord that will allow you to effortlessly plug the pump in, and you do not have to worry about being awaken by the pump in the middle of the night. You can choose to turn it on or off, although it is highly recommended to let it on as it will ensure the same constant level of pressure, for a good, relaxing and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

  1. The Coleman Double High Quickbed

The Coleman double high quickbed is yet another exquisite air mattress that will redefine the way you see comfort. No matter if you want to temporarily accommodate a guest in the guest room, to have a comfortable mattress on the campsite or to simply relax on an air bed every now and then, this double quickbed is the perfect size as it comes with a unique triple layer elevation system that makes it the same height as the regular mattress.

Features, Functions And Benefits

Available in a twin size, this air bed measures 74 inches in length, 39 inches in width and full 18 inches in height when fully inflated. Specifically designed to fit all the standard sized bed sheets, this quick bed is made with state of the art PVC material that is highly resistant to puncture, scratching and abrasions, it features a comfort coil system inside it for an irreproachable support and it also has a soft top made of plush, for extra comfort.

Just like the mattress reviewed above, the Coleman Double High Quickbed also features a unique system designed to keep the bed inflated during the night, called the Coleman Air Tight System. This system monitors the air pressure in the mattress and automatically inflates it whenever it gets deflated during the night, to ensure the best comfort.

This is a flexible bed that is very easy to use, transport and carry, and if you are looking for extra comfort and luxury while still staying within your budget limits, then look no further than the Coleman Double High Quickbed. Besides, this air mattress comes with a handy Wrap and Roll storage system that allows you to quickly and effortlessly wrap the mattress, roll it and store it for later use or for easy transportation to the camping site.

Specifically designed for sleepers on the go, the Coleman Quick Bed Doublehigh comes with a sot and gentle top that offers unparalleled satisfaction. You can easily customized the level of firmness for the mattress, and the air bed also makes an easy cleanup.

Created to fit standard queen size sheets, the mattress is versatile enough to be used both indoors as an extra bed and outdoors, during camping trips. With this inflatable mattress, there is nothing to be concerned about – the Air Tight System will guarantee that the mattress will never leak, while the state of the art Double Lock Valve ensures a quick inflation and deflation.

  1. The Intex Pillow Rest Airbed

This is a twin airbed that comes with a built in electric pump – lightweight, comfortable and with a medium level height, the Intex Pillow Rest inflatable mattress is the perfect choice for travelers who want a convenient air mattress. The mattress comes with a high quality 20.8 gauge, it has a waterproof flocked top that will protect the mattress against any spilled liquids and it comes with 16 gauge sides and bottom as well.

Incredibly comfortable and secure at the same time, the Intex Pillow Rest Bed stands out from the rest of these mattresses by offering an unparalleled price per quality ratio. It comes with a high power electric pump that is embedded in the mattress, and this is what makes inflating the air bed a breeze.

Hand or foot pumps can be very troublesome at times, but fortunately this will never be the case with this electric pump. No matter if you want your air mattress to be extra soft or firm enough to offer full body support from head to toe, all you have to do is to choose the desired pre-set settings and to hit the button, while the automatic pump will do all the work on your behalf.

The Pillow Rest inflatable bed measures 17.5 inches from the floor, which makes it taller than most of the average inflatable mattress. One of the most notable benefits about this mattress is the fact that it comes with embedded pillows, which add to the comfort and usability of the air bed.

Measuring 75 inches in length and 40 inches in width in its official twin size, this mattress is more than generous for one person. Also, the maximum weight capacity is of 300 pounds and the mattress comes with several useful accessories, such as the duffel bag, a shoulder strap, an AC power cord as well as a limited three month warranty that will help you have your air bed removed, replaced or refunded if you notice any manufacturer defects.

Overall, this medium raised air bed is comfortable and very convenient to use when traveling, it has a dual chamber construction for extra durability and it also features a durable AC 120 volt electric pump that is carefully embedded in the mattress. Inflating and deflating the mattress takes less than 120 seconds, and it is the perfect choice for those who travel a lot or who are always on the go.

Pros And Cons

One of the most notable benefits of this deluxe Pillow Rest air mattress is that it only weighs 17.5 pounds, thus making it very user-friendly and easy to carry around. Just like any other air mattress, this one also comes with a durable and lightweight carry cases that makes transportation a breeze, while protecting the mattress from tearing and puncturing during storage.

Affordable and highly convenient at the same time, the Pillow Rest air bed by Intex is the best choice for those who want a generous, all round air bag mattress. The shoulder strap also adds to the reliability and ease of use of the mattress.

On the other hand, one of the downsides of this mattress is the fact that it comes with a limited warranty. This is the main difference between air mattresses and regular memory foam or innerspring mattresses: while the first ones usually have a limited, three to 24 months warranty, the latter have a warranty of up to 25 years that protect the product against any manufacturer flaws.

  1. The Intex Raised Air Mattress

Available in a queen size, the Intex raised downy air mattress is one of the most popular choices these days, and one of the mattresses with the highest Amazon rating. Available for just under $70, the Intex raised air mattress comes in handy whenever you need to accommodate an extra guest. Comfortable and durable, the mattress is made with heavy duty vinyl that will ensure years of continuous and unrestrained usage.

Features, Functions, Specifications And Benefits Of The Intex Raised Air Mattress

The mattress is slightly raised and it perfectly mimics the look, feel and aspect of a traditional memory foam mattress, the sole difference is that it is air-based and considerably cheaper. Besides this, the mattress has a built in pump for quick and convenient use, it measures 60 inches in length, 80 inches in width and 22 inches in height when inflated and it also features a handy carry bad, for effortless storage and transportation.

Intex is a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of state of the art mattresses and other products for indoor and outdoor recreation, and the Raised Downy Air Mattress is certainly one of its signature products. The mattress is thick and comes in a classic plush style, it comes with a flocked waterproof sleeping surface and it also maintains its shape and design over the years, if kept in the right environment.

There are, however, certain aspects that can take their toll on the shape and quality of any air mattress, such as the temperature or the overall level of humidity in the air, which can dramatically affect the firmness of the air bed. This is why it is of utmost importance to occasionally re-inflate the Raised Downy Air Mattress, to make sure that it works at full potential.

The mattress features a lower chamber which doubles as a box spring and which offers unparalleled support and firmness. The mattress can be easily inflated and deflated within minutes, thanks to the high power electric pump that is built into the mattress. The raised queen sized inflatable mattress comes with a dual chamber construction.

There are three main aspects that make this particular air mattress so sought-after these days: its ease of use, increased comfort and outstanding durability rating. This Intex mattress does not leak, it does not require you to constantly inflate or deflate it and it has a built-in pump that is invisible and works like a charm. All you need to do is to plug the power cord into a nearby electrical socket, and the secondary pump will make sure that the mattress will always rise to the same level of performance.

The top of the mattress come with 15-gauge vinyl beams for the utmost comfort and pleasure, while the 16 side gauges add to that comfort even more. Also, the flocking located on the top of the mattress will prevent any unnecessary twisting and turning around, making the mattress pleasant and comfortable to sleep on, even when used at maximum capacity (upper level of firmness).

Last, but not least, the mattress is very lightweight even when inflated, thus allowing you to easily customize the mattress and to store/transport it when not in use. Inflated and deflated within minutes, this air bed can be rolled up and inserted into its special carry case within seconds, and this certainly helps the user save a lot of time and effort in the long haul.

  1. The Serta Raised Bed

Last, but not least, another very popular air mattress is the Serta Raised Bed that comes with a Never Flat pump embedded in it. Available for a low price on Amazon, this bed is high enough to perfectly mimic the function of a regular innerspring or memory foam mattress, maintaining a constant temperature throughout the entire night thanks to the Never Flat system embedded in it.

Features, Functions And Specifications

The Never Flat technology instantly detect any and all sagginess and loss of air pressure that is very common in air mattresses, and automatically re-inflated the mattress even during use. This is an auto-engaging, incredibly silent pump that will ensure a continuous and relaxing night’s sleep, without you having to worry about tossing or turning constantly due to the sagginess of the mattress.

The bed features two pumps: the primary pump, which is responsible for inflating and deflating the air mattress in a fast and effortless manner, and the secondary pump which is designed to maintain a constant air pressure and level of comfort. The secondary pump silently engages to maintain the level of comfort that you have previously chosen, and it also features an efficient automatic shut off function that turns the pump off when the level of comfort has been reached.

The pump also features an efficient clear dial setting that allows you to select the desired level of firmness with only the push of a button: you can opt for plush, medium or firm level of comfort for your personal mattress, without worrying about it losing its shape or design.

The advanced, state of the art pressure sensing technology monitors and adjusts the air pressure level and silently pumps air into the mattress, for a consistent and comfortable feel. And the dimensions are as follow: the mattress measures 78 to 80 inches in length, 60 inches in width and 18 inches in height.

The only downsides of the Serta raised beds are, as many users suggest, a slight odor that appears when unpacking and using this air bed for the first time. Also, some claim that the bed would be a lot more comfortable and user-friendly if it had more than just three pre-settings, in terms of mattress firmness.

How To Choose The Best Air Mattress For You?

Choosing the right air mattress is an art, as enjoying a relaxing night’s sleep is paramount. Air beds are comfortable, lightweight and considerably cheaper than the other types of mattress, not to mention that they are also very versatile and they can be used in a variety of different environments. Here are several useful tips and hints that will help you make sure that your money is truly well spent:

  1. Think About Where You Will Use The Air Mattress 

The first and most important aspect that you need to keep in mind is where and how you plan to use the air mattress. Are you looking for an indoor air mattress to use every now and then, when your in-laws or friends come to visit you? Or perhaps you are passionate about nature and camping and you want a durable, sturdy and heavy duty mattress to use directly on the harsh ground?

Different air mattresses are made of different materials, and it is important to choose the right one for the environment where you plan to use them. The indoor air mattresses feature soft and gentle materials that are very pleasant to the touch, yet that are far from being as scratch- and puncture-resistant as the outdoor mattresses.

It often happens that outdoor air mattresses are used directly on thorns or rocks, which causes the PVC material to rupture or crack and the mattress to lose its firmness, comfort and overall pressure. This is why it is very important to make sure that the outdoor air mattress comes with a thick layer of plastic that shields the bottom of the mattress against all such problems.

2. Who Will Use It?

This aspect is crucial for determining the overall height of the mattress. Generally speaking, air beds and mattresses tend to rise to the same height as regular innerspring or foam mattresses (18, 19, up to 22 inches in height), which makes them the perfect choice for adults, especially since they can use the mattress directly on the bare floor, without embedding it into a bed frame.

However, if you plan to go camping or sightseeing with your children and you want to buy them a mattress, then make sure to opt for a medium to low-height mattress, otherwise they may fall and hurt themselves. Never choose a raised air bed if a child is going to sleep on it, as the little ones are shorter and they do not need the same amount of support as grown ups.

Besides this, a mattress that is slightly raised off the ground adds a lot of comfort and extra padding for a heavy adult, literally creating the impression of “sleeping on a cloud”. This is what makes inflatable air mattress the perfect choices for uneven grounds when traveling outdoors, and these mattresses are particularly useful for those who suffer from severe back, neck or shoulder pain, and who need efficient pressure point relief.

3. Always Test The Mattress Before Buying It

When it comes to buying an air mattress, you have two choices: you can either buy it from a live, brick and mortar store or you can buy it online. While buying an air bed online from the privacy of your home certainly has its benefits, as the item will be delivered directly to your door step, it does have its downsides as well – you are unable to “take the mattress for a test drive” and see whether it truly rises to your expectations.

Besides this, most of the modern air beds come with a remote control that allows you to pre-set the desired level of comfort and firmness, and you will want a comprehensive, user-friendly, hassle free remote control. It is crucial to test the mattress before buying it, especially if you plan to use it on a constant basis, just to make sure that it has all the features and functions you are looking for in such a mattress.

  1. Decide On The Most Suitable Type Of Pump For You 


There are numerous types of pumps that accompany these mattresses, from the manual foot or hand pumps to the battery-operated or A/C pumps, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. At the time being, the manual pumps have been replaced by the automatic ones, as they have an inflate/deflate feature, they are fast and effortless and they save you a lot of time and trouble.


However, if you plan to use the mattress outdoors, you may have a hard time finding a plug for your A/C air mattress pump, this is why it is highly recommended to opt for a battery operated pump. The battery operated pumps are portable, compact and very versatile, thus allowing you to instantly inflate and deflate the mattress even when you are out, in the middle of the nature.


On the other hand, if you plan to use your air bed only indoors, then an electric mattress pump is certainly the best choice, especially since most of the mattresses come with a dual pump system: a primary pump for inflating and deflating the mattress, and a secondary pump designed to constantly monitor the air pressure inside the mattress and to silently inflate it whenever needed, to maintain the same level of firmness and comfort.

5. Decide On The Right Size

When it comes to air mattresses, size truly matters. These mattresses are available in a twin or queen size generally, and it is important to make sure that you choose the right one for you. The twin mattress is more compact, affordable and easier to carry around, but it is difficult to accommodate more than one person on such a mattress. On the other hand, the generous queen size air mattress measures 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width, enough for two persons.

At the same time, if you plan to use the mattress indoors, it is of utmost importance to firstly take the measurements of the room where you plan to put it, as the last thing you need is to order an inflatable bed and to realize that it does not fit your room. Larger mattresses may be comfortable, but they also tend to be more difficult to store and transport, in the long run.

  1. Choose The Right Material 

The final aspect that you need to take into account is the material of the mattress. As mentioned before, PVC is the most commonly used material for air mattresses, as it is stretchable enough to ensure three different levels of comfort, it is lightweight and comfortable at the same time. However, PVC can heat up very quickly during hot summer nights, and this can create a discomfort for the user.

Fortunately, there are two other choices in terms of air mattress materials that have become particularly popular recently: memory foam and latex. These materials are usually used for the top surface of the mattress, thus ensuring a pleasant and comfortable feel.

The Bottom Line

To sum it all up, air mattresses are incredibly versatile and they can be used for a wide array of purposes. No matter if you are the type of person who receives a lot of guests over the night or you plan an extended camping trip and you need a comfortable mattress to sleep on, an inflatable bed is undoubtedly the best choice.


Nonetheless, it is important to say that air beds are not designed to be long-term, permanent solutions, neither are they designed to be used on a constant basis. These lightweight and convenient mattresses can double as efficient temporary sleeping solutions, they are considerably less expensive than the classic innerspring mattresses and they come with a plethora of useful features and functions.


If you take into consideration the tips and hints mentioned above when choosing the best air mattress for you, you will certainly get the best value for your cash. Besides this, you can easily find an air mattress for just under $100, quickly and without the hassles!

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