Top 3 Best Bed Sheets for Summer

Everyone has a few tricks they pull to help them sleep, from buying mattress toppers, to even buying new beds. However, one of the renown culprits of stealing away your precious sleep is heat.

If you frequently wake up through the night soaked up in sweat, you can be assured you won’t feel well rested when you wake up in the morning.

During seasons like summer when temperatures are higher than usual, an excellent solution to keeping you dry through the night would be buying specific bedsheets for summer.

There are bedsheets made of natural, breathable materials. And although it may sound fictional, they can suck away sweat from your body and keep you cool and dry through the hot nights.

Like you would expect, many producers have come up with summer bedsheets, but not all of them have the same quality standards, and not all of them are made from the same materials.

Consider the summer sheets listed below to stop overheating and sleep through the entire night without waking up.

Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets

A set of the Zen Bamboo sheets is precisely what you need to cool down those hot nights. Bamboo fabric has been found to be highly breathable, and Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets take advantage of this quality.

A set of these on your bed and you immediately upgrade the luxury and style of your bedroom, as well as assure yourself a plusher and more comfortable sleep.

These sheets’ construction consists 40% bamboo rayon, and 60% brushed microfiber. Not only do they assure you higher comfort levels, but you also get sheets that are more durable than other sheets in the market.

In addition to that, they are stain and wrinkle resistant, meaning washing them is easy, and there is no need to iron. As if that’s not enough, they are hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant too. Hence, your health is protected as well.

The Zen bamboo sheets are considered a top bed sheet for summer because of the comfort levels they create. Furthermore, it comes at a very reasonable price, and there is a vast section of colors to pick. They also come in all sizes, so there is something for everyone.

Utopia Bedding 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set

Another sheet you could purchase to enhance you sleep during the summer time is the Utopia 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set. It is made from 100% brushed microfiber, making it exceptionally soft and breathable. Furthermore, the sheets also have a rich texture that will make it difficult for you to wake up in the morning.

In addition to these luxurious features, they also repel dust mites, so even if you are prone to allergies, you can still sleep soundly through the night. Washing them is easy as tossing them into a machine washer, and they are wrinkle resistant too. However, it is advisable not to clean them with fabric softeners as they might block the spaces in the fibers and cut out the breathability factor.

I would recommend this bed sheet for the summer because despite all the quality features it has, its price features on the lower side. Furthermore, they are also fade resistant, and a single set might last you several years with proper care.

Night Sweats Original PeachSkinSheets Moisture Wicking Sheet

Nothing provides more comfort than a set of Original PeachSkinSheets Moisture Wicking Sheets from Night Sweats. They are made from high quality, breathable, athletic grade 32st Century SMART Fabric, which makes it possible for air to flow freely. It’s also able to suck away sweat while you sleep, ensuring you stay cool.

Besides comfort, these sheets are considered an excellent choice for hot sleepers as they are kept cool. And even if you are not a sweaty sleeper, your sleep is still improved. These features mean that this sheet is not only suitable for the summer, but all year use.

While the cooling features might be the most significant, the bed sheet has many other benefits that make it worth checking out. If you have pets, you can let them on your bed without fear of their fur sticking on the bedding. Also, when washed, it only takes a few minutes to dry. Your colors will not fade either, and on top of that, you get a one-year warranty.

How to Choose the Best Summer Bed Sheets

You have seen examples of summer bed sheets you could purchase. But, you are still wondering the criteria you should follow to land the best product. Before you start, keep in mind that there are different types of summer bed sheets, and everyone also has different needs. However, there are a few universal parameters you can follow, and some are explained below.

1. Choose the Right Material

Various manufacturers use different materials to make bed sheets suitable for summer use, but research has it that those made from natural fibers are the best. Natural fiber fabrics are the most breathable and are also excellent at wicking away any moisture to keep you cool and dry.

Other materials have low air circulation levels, and moisture can quickly develop on them and make your night even worse.

2. Determine Quality

Everybody wants quality on everything, and summer bed sheets should not be different. The best quality sheets are either made of cotton or silk, but these two materials also have their differences which you should never ignore.

Silk is good at maintaining temperatures and is perfect for year-round use. Cotton is similarly good, but is a lot less expensive and is heavy duty, meaning it lasts longer.

3. Health Matters

While choosing a bed sheet for the summer is about improving your quality of sleep, you should never compromise on your health. If you or your partner are prone to allergies, go for beddings that are hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

Also, find a sheet made of a material that will not react with your skin.

4. Consider Workmanship

Another factor you should keep an eye on in the design and level of craft.

For the sheet to provide the required comfort, it must be well crafted.

You can look at things like the seams and stitches which are the simplest indicators of quality. Furthermore, the quality of the craftsmanship is also a sign that the product is durable, and looks good as well.


Many people still use HVAC systems to create the perfect sleeping temperature.

While useful, such methods only pile up the bills. Buying the right sheets for the summer costs a lot less, but will guarantee you a quality night’s sleep the entire season.

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