Best Heated Mattress Pad

Heated mattress pads have become very popular these days, and for a good reason: they are cost-effective, durable, comfortable and very cozy, not to mention that there are hundreds of models to choose from. The heating time is very low and you can easily set the pad to keep you warm throughout the entire night, with only several pushes of the button!

Nonetheless, it must be said that there is a significant difference between the heated mattress pads and the heated blankets as we know them, and the difference is that the pads tend to be more comfortable and there is no fire risk whatsoever – unlike it happens with the heated blankets. That being said, the mattress pads are safely and securely attached to your bed through the elastic straps, and there are no risks associated with using it!

Heated mattress pads come in different shapes and sizes, from those for individual, single beds to generous queen-sized beds. Accompanied by a simple, straightforward and user-oriented thermostat that comes with a timer and allows you to quickly set the desired temperature, the heated mattress pads combine quality with functionality and with a unique workmanship for the best details.

A Deeper Insight Into Heated Mattress Pads

As mentioned above, the heated mattress covers come with elastic straps that allow you to tightly place them on top of your mattress, and they are somewhat similar to the heated underblankets, the sole difference is that the latter are not secured with elastic edges.

The precise features and functions can vary greatly from one heated mattress pad to another, but it must be said that these pads are not regular pads that you can just take off your bed and wash quickly and effortlessly – you will need to pay extra attention when cleaning and caring for the mattresses, given the fact that they have wires inside.

Usually made of carbon or nano wires, the heated mattress pads typically heat up in 10 to 15 minutes and they are particularly useful for those who live in cold climate areas or who have various blood circulation problems. Besides this, the mattress pads usually come with dual controls that allow users to adjust the temperature on either side of the bed, and this comes in handy especially for couples.

The automatic switch off feature is undoubtedly one of the most important ones. Simply put, each modern heated mattress pad automatically switches itself off either after a previously set amount of time, or when it reached a particular temperature, in order to protect itself against overheating.

What Are The Main Materials Used For Heated Mattress Pads?

One of the most important aspects you need to consider when choosing a heated mattress pad is the type and quality of the material. Typically made of fabric, the pad material can influence the overall efficacy of the heated mattress and it can also interfere with the heat distribution. Besides this, if you have very sensitive skin and you are allergic to certain materials, then you need to be twice as careful when making your choice.

With that in mind, it is important to say that the heated mattress pads come in different materials: some of them are made from natural, hypoallergic materials while others are made from synthetic materials.

Wool is the most widely used natural material, given the fact that it is very comfortable, it quickly absorbs the extra moisture and it is very good for even heat distribution. That, coupled with the increased breathability rating of wool and the fact that it is very easy to clean make this natural material a great choice for the outer layer of the heated mattress top.

Other notable benefits of wool include its increased flame resistance and its non-allergenic properties, which are very useful for those who suffer from chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma. If you choose a mattress pad material that can trigger you an allergy, the existing respiratory condition can worsen overnight.

Cotton, on the other hand, is a great and comfortable choice in terms of mattress pad materials as well. In spite of the fact that it tends to be slightly more expensive than wool, cotton is another very breathable natural fiber designed to instantly absorb the moisture when you sweat, during the night. Long-lasting, durable and antimicrobial, cotton is the perfect choice as it requires regular maintenance and it does not support bacterial growth.

If natural materials do not appeal to you or you want to be sure that the material is 100% hypoallergenic, then you can always opt for a synthetic material such as the lightweight fleece (made of comfortable polyester) that perfectly mimics the appearance, feel and the properties of natural wool. These materials are designed to last for yeas, if you take proper care of them and you clean them regularly.

Caring For Your Heated Mattress Pads

It is of utmost importance to pay extra attention to the cleaning and maintenance of your heated mattress pads, if you want to use them in the long run. Not all of the pads (especially the old generation ones) are machine washable, therefore you will have to manually remove all stains and spots as otherwise you risk to damage the wiring and the circuits.

The reason why you must constantly wash and care for your heated mattress pads is that both the natural and the synthetic materials are designed to absorb moisture and sweat, and you will need to clean all that perspiration on a regular basis. That being said, make sure to opt for a well-built, machine-washable heated mattress pads that comes with precise, detailed and in-depth washing instructions.

One of the most important things you need to do prior to washing the mattress pads is to make sure that all the wiring is removed, as the wires must never go into the washing machine. Also, given the fact that the pads are usually thin, it is important to wash them at a low temperature of maximum 40 degrees and to let the pad dry by itself. Make sure the pads are 100% dry before re-attaching the wiring, otherwise you risk to electrocute yourself!

Main Benefits Of Heated Mattress Pads

We all know electric blankets, and while it is true that there is virtually no difference between an electric blanket and a modern electric heated mattress pad, the latter tends to have more benefits. Simply put, the mattress pad is better for saving energy, improving comfort and for “trapping” the heat inside the bed, thus keeping you warm for longer. Besides this, the mattress pad is also better from a safety standpoint.

Nowadays, heated mattress pads are available everywhere, from specialized stores to eBay and other popular online retailers. It is important to say that given the fact that heated mattress pads are virtually electrical appliances, it is important to make sure that all the wiring is properly insulated, and to constantly replace your old mattress with a new one.

When your old heated mattress pad shows any sign off that it gets discolored or worn off, it is crucial to have it changed for safety reasons. With that in mind, it must be said that the increased degree of comfort associated with powerful electric heated mattress pads is undoubtedly the most important benefit. This gently heated pad can help you relax, rejuvenate your body and fall asleep faster – and stay asleep until morning!

At the same time, the heated mattress pads are relatively simple and straightforward, as they have a simple mechanism of action and they are not complicated to use. All you have to do is to make sure that the wiring is properly set after having washed the pad, then turn on the pad and after that select the desired temperature with the help of the thermostat.

Not only are the electric heated mattress pads comfortable and easy to use, but they are automatic as well. They automatically shut themselves down, and you can also set the timer if you want them to start heating up your bed around a certain hour. Fully automated and durable, the mattress pad can easily become your best friend if you choose the most suitable one for your needs and preferences!

The low price is yet another reason why the electric heated mattress pads are so sought-after these days. As a matter of fact, these pads can sometimes be cheaper than the luxury mattress pads you can find in some stores. Reasonably priced, durable, comfortable and user-friendly, these toppers are undeniably a good investment to make, over the years.

On the other hand, most of the heated mattress pads are waterproof, which means that not only are they safe to wash in the washing machine. The low-voltage pads can significantly reduce the risk for electrocution if the pad gets wet by accident!

As mentioned above, the electric heated mattress pads tend to be more comfortable and more energy-efficient than the electric blankets, which means that not only do these pads help you save more money on electricity, but they are also friendly with the surrounding environment. Besides, these pads pose absolutely no overheating risk, as they automatically shut themselves down when too hot.

Last, but not least, the heated mattress pads are virtually invisible: all the wiring is intelligently hidden under the pad, and the pad itself is beautifully attached to the mattress with the help of some elastic bands. You will never have to worry about how your bedding looks again, no matter if you have opted for a single mattress pad or for a double, queen-size pad.

How To Choose The Most Suitable Electric Heated Mattress Pad For Your Need?

Even though there are hundreds of different models on the market, and each model has its own features and functions, choosing the best heated mattress for you can be rather challenging. Here are some aspects that you need to consider:

1. Decide On The Material

As mentioned above, you can opt either for natural or synthetic material, but if you have decided to opt for natural, then it is recommended to choose cotton over wool, due to its high antimicrobial properties. Also, the cotton heated mattress pads can stretch a bit as well, which makes them very useful.

2. A Memory Foam Heated Mattress Pad Is The Best Choice For Extra Comfort

The interior of the mattress pad should not be neglected either, and these toppers are made from different materials, from latex foam to memory foam. Memory foam is the best choice as it can efficiently relieve all the pressure points, thus being very useful for those with joint and back problems. Besides this, a memory foam mattress pad can and surely will change the way your bed looks and feels.

3. Make Sure The Heated Mattress Pad Is Waterproof

Spills occur all the time, and the last thing you need when you accidentally spill your juice or water over the mattress pad is to get electrocuted over it. This is why it is crucial to choose a waterproof heated pad that comes with a low voltage and reduces the risk of electrocution.

No matter if you have bladder control problems, a small child who tends to wet himself or you simply use to eat late-night snacks in bed, a waterproof heated mattress pad that repels liquids is a must. Besides this, cleaning all the stains is a lot easier as well.

The final tip for selecting a good heated mattress pad is to focus on those that have anti-microbial properties and that prevent the accumulation of dust mites, bacteria and other allergens. It often happens that mattresses made of tightly woven fabric are the best for preventing the bacterial growth, not to mention that they can easily maintain their properties for years to come.

Best Heated Mattress Pads

There are numerous models available on the market, from different manufacturers, but some of them stand out from the rest through their wealth of features and functions, coupled with an irreproachable durability. Here is a brief overview of the best heated mattress pads available on the market:

1. The Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pads

Sunbeam is known as one of the most popular and appreciated manufacturers and suppliers of electric blankets and heated mattresses in the United States of America, and it introduces new, cheap and comfortable products each year. Sunbeam uses a plethora of different fabrics and padding materials for its mattresses, and it is precisely this wide array of choice why customers are so drawn to this brand.

The Benefits Of The Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pads

One of the benefits of the Sunbeam heated mattress pad is that it is very energy-efficient and cost-effective, thus helping you lower your overall heating cost. Machine-washable and very soft to the touch, these mattress pads can be washed and even dried in the home drier prior to using them again.

Also, Sunbeam’s heated water toppers are available in all the known sizes (King, Queen and Cal), and they come with dual controls located on each side of the bed. Speaking of the controls, there are several different types of controllers available as well, from the digital push button models to the rotary ones (rotative thermostats that allow you to select the desired temperature with the help of a small wheel).

The Sunbeam mattress pads also come with lighted heat settings and they have pre-heat settings embedded in the controllers as well, which means that you can select the desired heating program, set the timer and let the mattress topper do all the work on your behalf.

The automatic shut off feature can be easily adjusted and personalized as well and besides this, the mattress pads come with a generous five-year warranty against all the potential manufacturing and design defects that may occur.

The Downsides

Just like it happens with any other manufacturer, the Sunbeam heated mattress toppers do have some downsides as well. The heater wires are larger than most of the wires of modern heated mattress toppers these days, and it is their bulky appearance that can interfere with the comfort and the usability of the pad. Same applies to the controller, which is slightly larger than it should be

2. The Soft Heat Warming Mattress Topper

The heated mattress pad by Soft Heat is a low-voltage topper that comes with safe and efficient power cords that connect at the head of the bed. Just like the Sunbeam heated mattress pad, the Soft Heat Warming Mattress Topper is also energy-efficient, very user-friendly and easy to use. Over the past few years, homeowners have shown a particular interest in low-voltage heating pads, as they tend to be a lot safer than the high-voltage ones, even though these toppers can take slightly more time to heat up.

Speaking of the heating performance, the Soft Heat Warming Mattress Pad offers a gentle, pleasant and warm sensation, even though it does not heat up as quickly or as strongly as the classic AC electric blanket as we all know it. However, this mattress pad is the best choice for long-term use (8-10 hours straight), especially since it is designed to retain all the heat prior to the 10-hour automatic shut off.

This low-voltage heated mattress pad also comes with no less than 10 different temperature settings, which allows you to effortlessly fine-tune the desired temperature. Also, just like the Sunbeam mattress described above, the Soft Heat Warming Mattress Topper also comes with dual, separate controls on each side of the bed, perfect for couples.

Regarding the controller of this warming mattress topper, it must be said that it uses a dial, digital control that allows you to easily insert the desired temperature, rather than just rotate the wheel. There is also a useful pre-heat function embedded in the memory of the mattress.

The comfort rating of the mattress is at least as important as its features and functions. That being said, the mattress is incredibly comfortable, thus being the perfect choice for sensitive sleepers who only need a hint of warmth to make their sleep sweeter. The thin flexible wires are unnoticeable under the mattress pat, thanks to the soft fabric that is made of both cotton and polyester and that is very pleasant to the touch as well.

3. The Serta Damask Stripe Heated Mattress Topper

This is a 233-thread count electric heated mattress topper by Serta Damask that comes with an automatically adjustable thermostat designed to help you lower your energy use and save on your energy bill. Just like the mattress pad described above, the Serta Damask heated mattress topper is also a low-voltage pad that is made of a combination of four-fifths polyester and one-fifth cotton, for the ultimate softness.

Not only is this heated mattress pad very pleasant to the touch, but it also comes with the patented Warm and Safe low-voltage technology that makes it non-hazardous and safe to use in the long haul. This is perfect for those who want a warm, safe and highly protective heated mattress pad that also happens to be waterproof.

The length and the thickness of the electric wires is usually one of the first things buyers look for in a mattress – the thinner they are, the better. Fortunately, with this mattress the wires are very thin and they do not cause any bothersome alternating hot and cold spots, as it is designed to provide an even and comfortable heat with the help of the computerized controller that ensures a fast and efficient adjustment of the pad’s temperature.

This heated mattress topper even comes with a backlit display which comes with a light dimming feature that allows you to quickly and effortlessly select the desired temperature, whenever you feel the need to adjust the warmth and comfort of the mattress during the night time. That, coupled with the hold and the pre-heat features make this warming mattress topper as cozy as it gets.

There are numerous useful features and functions embedded in this mattress pad, and the 10-hour automatic shut-down is the most efficient one in terms of energy saving and improved sleep. The built-in overheat protection gives the user the safety and peace of mind he seeks, while the dual controls allow an efficient individual adjustment of the temperature.

Last, but not least, the mattress pad is 100% machine washable and dryable, and it is designed to retain its overall shape and design over the years, without showing any signs of excessive stretching or shrinking, even after being washed multiple times.

4. The Westpoint Stevens Rest Secure Warming Mattress Pad

Another dual control warming mattress pad that generates a warm, pleasant and even heat underneath the user’s body, What makes the Westpoint Stevens Rest Secure Warming Mattress Pad different from the other three mattress pads reviewed here is the fact that it comes with customizable zoned heating, for the ultimate comfort.

This heated mattress topper comes with additional cushioning and a comprehensive dual controller designed to allow the user to quickly personalize the heating mattress for each side of the bed. The zoned heating offers intensive and relaxing heat around the torso and around the feet area, and the pad is made of 100% durable polyester fabric designed for unparalleled comfort even when used in the long run.

This heated mattress pad is available in three different sizes: the California king size, Queen, King and Full bed size, and it is designed to fully fit mattresses that are up to 12 inches in thickness, thanks to the elastic bands located at the corners of the mattress pad.

The Bottom Line

To sum is all up, electric heated mattress pads have numerous benefits – not only do they keep your body warm and help you alleviate your back problems or other chronic conditions, but they also have a long lifespan that can easily match that of the mattress. That, coupled with the dual control system that is now embedded in most of the mattress pads make this topper an almost indispensable addition to every high-quality mattress.

These heated mattress toppers are electric appliances that come with smart wiring systems on the inside that are coated with a generous and comfortable fabric layer on the outside. Available in different sizes, textures, colors, features and functions, these mattresses can come with customized and pre-set heating areas that can offer more heat and comfort around the feet.

What truly makes these toppers so appreciated is the fact that they are non-hazardous and they offer unparalleled safety and protection, as they are highly resistant to flames and they also come with an automatic shut off feature after 10 hours. However, most of the heated mattress pads allow you to customize this feature as you wish, and set the pad to shut itself off after two, six or eight hours.

The wide variety of materials used for the exterior of the pad, such as the wool, cotton, fleece of polyester also adds to the comfort and the increasing popularity of these mattresses. Besides this, the electric heated mattress toppers that are waterproof can be easily washed in the washing machine using the short cycle and then dryed completely in the special dryer.

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