Best Mattress For Athletes

Athletes train months before an important competition, and when that special event takes place, it is important for them to give their best. In addition to balanced diets and regular physical exercises, another aspect that professional athletes should consider is a good night’s sleep. It is then when the body recharges itself and when the damaged muscle cells start are repaired, and only by choosing the best mattress for athletes can you enjoy all these benefits to the fullest.

Best Mattress for Athletes

1. Beausommet By Essentia

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Essentia is a brand mattress that although may not be as popular as other mainstream brands, is very well-known for making a specific type of mattress aimed at athletes. Beausommet is only one of the numerous models, and it efficiently combines pressure relief with a superior level of comfort that ensures correct spinal alignment and supports muscle relaxation and recovery.

The Beausommet mattress by Essentia is all about promoting the natural recovery of the body, especially after a hard day of training. Athletes, just like people who do not workout on a regular basis, need between 7 and 8 hours of restful night’s sleep in order to function at their full potential, and this mattress is committed to offering them just that.

This mattress comes with a 60-days money back guarantee on a “no questions asked” basis, along with a 20 year warranty provided by the manufacturer. It features natural memory foam using rubber tree sap that feels just like the synthetic memory foam, but without all the added chemicals.

The mattress delivers a firmer feel than the regular mattresses, and this is what helps the user enjoy a truly remarkable pressure point relief. It contours the body precisely in the areas where it needs additional support and one of the most important benefit is that the mattress features a special technology that is specifically designed for athletes, called WholeBody Recovery.

As the name suggests, the WholeBody Recovery technology aims to offer an all-round pressure relief by relying on a top layer of foam that ensures optimal blood flow and supports the ease of movement. On the other hand, the second layer delivers extra support and pressure relief, and the mattress is overall designed to promote the recovery and repair of the body. This is a special Essentia technology and it is used by professional athletes from all around the world.

2. Essentia Dormeuse

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Another very sought-after mattress for athletes provided by Essentia is Dormeuse, which is significantly softer than the Beausommet mattress reviewed above. Designed to contour the body in all the right ways, this mattress also comes with a 20 year warranty from the manufacturer and it also features natural memory foam, the main difference is in terms of comfort, as this mattress offers the ultimate softness while still promoting the peripheral blood circulation and speeding up the natural muscle recovery process.

Another significant benefit of the mattress is that it offers a deep state contouring support, which is often associated with a cradling sensation that is designed to relief shoulder pain, neck pain and pain of the lower back arch, three of the most common problem areas that professional athletes are confronting with.

Regarding the composition of the mattress, the Dormeuse features a Zebrano fabric that is exclusive to Essentia – this is an unbleached organic cotton cover that is highly breathable and durable. The mattress also comes with a Bucaneve wrap, and the interior consists of a natural high definition memory foam and support foam.

3. The Dorsoo Mattress

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This mattress is currently unavailable, but we recommend the Zinus mattress instead.

Dorsoo is a company that specializes in manufacturing therapeutic mattresses, and the Dorsoo Mattress is one of the best mattress for athletes available on the market which has a great advantage against back pain. It comes with an anti-allergic cover, it consists of anti-static carbon wires, it offers permanent and unrestrained ventilation, it stays cool and dry all the time due to the middle layer which regulates the moisture revels, it is very resistant to dust mites and it also provides the ultimate comfort.

Specifically designed for top athletes, the Dorsoo mattress for back pain follows the movement of the hydraulic pumps in the bed, and it features two separate mattress cores for couples who share the same bed. Designed to support recuperation, which is widely considered a key problem for professional athletes, the Dorsoo mattress ensures a high-quality sleep, it supports the correct lymphatic flow and it improves the blood flow, while making sure that the spine is in proper alignment.

How To Choose The Best Mattress For Athletes?

One of the most common problems with mattresses is that as the time passes, they tend to lose their shape and to hollow in the middle – this is a professional athlete’s biggest fear. Top athletes need extra body support and pressure point relief, they cannot afford to wake up with an aching back or neck due to poor mattress quality.

Sleeping in a bad position can certainly takes its toll on your hips and spine as it creates strains, and this can affect the athlete’s overall performance. Here is what you need to consider when choosing the best mattress for you:

1. Make Sure The Mattress Is Organic And It Targets All The Five Problem Areas

Organic mattress can cost twice as much as synthetic ones, but they are worth every penny. Usually made from natural latex (rubber), these mattresses offer increased support around all the five comfort zones that every athlete should be concerned about: the legs, feet, the lumbar area (the lower back arch), head and shoulders.

Organic mattresses feature no ozone depleters or chemicals, they will help the sleeper recharge his/her body and mind entirely and ensure a comfortable, long, restful night’s sleep. No more waking up during the night due to sleeping in an uncomfortable position – all you have to do is to opt for a five-zone natural mattress that offers the utmost support.

These mattresses make sure that your entire bone structure and all the five body areas described above are in perfect alignment, thus offering efficient supports throughout the entire body, without putting any unnecessary extra pressure on any body part. By offering the correct level of density, every top athlete can relax and wake up refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for a fresh new start!

2. Choose The Right Surface

The best mattress for an athlete should provide sufficient cushioning during sleep, and only a quilted mattress that uses either pure cotton or a cotton blend can do that. Also, a padded mattress is a lot more efficient than a no-padded mattress, as it helps protect all the inner materials and it also adds to the overall comfort and feel of the mattress.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, one of the primordial responsibilities of an athlete is to keep his or her body healthy and fully functional. The mattress can make or break your athletic performance, this is why it is crucial to pay attention to the one you invest your money in!

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