Best Mattress For Rental Property

So, you have a rental property, whether it be a vacation residence or a suburban home, and you want to choose the right mattresses to ensure that your renters have sound sleeps without you having to sound off, price wise, if you know what I mean.

The good news is that there is a huge choice available from many retailers and online merchants, including Amazon.

The bad news is that your mattress is likely to go through quite a mauling, depending on the habits and peculiarities of your tenants.

That’s not to say that all those who you rent out to are going to smoke crack cocaine and set the bed on fire, but it does mean that your mattress must be robust enough to withstand the trials and tribulations of those whose sensibilities may not be the same as yours, or those who have purchased the mattress themselves for a property they own.

With this in mind, you’re not going to rush out and spend thousands of dollars on the best mattresses that can be bought.

What you are looking for is cost-effectiveness and space savers, because that is the order of the day.

Murphy Beds

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You may well consider wall beds, otherwise known as Murphy beds.

These beds are built into the wall and can be stored upright when not in use. Much more here on mattresses for wall beds and it’s important to remember that any type of mattress can be used.

Ensure, though, that your dimensions of the base are correct before choosing the mattress.

It’s great to realize that any size bed can be yours for the taking, and even if your property is very small, space with these fold-ups is not a problem!

Protective Bedding

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Protective bedding is one major point to keep in mind, as even if you’ve spent a few hundred dollars on your mattresses, that’s an investment, even though it may be a short-term one.

You’re still, then, going to need to extend the life of the mattress. The company Protective Bedding ( suggests that you use something that will keep the mattress in mint condition, without having to replace it for the next set of tenants.

This company speaks of zippered vinyl mattress encasement to protect the mattress against all that it is prone to – fluids, stains, burning,
dust mites and bed bugs, to mention but a few of the mattress ills.

The site proclaims, “they are totally waterproof, and can be easily cleaned with a disinfectant between users”.

The heavy-duty 6-gauge vinyl is apparently the most popular for rental units. The writer also mentions that in addition to zippered vinyl coverings, there are skirted vinyl covers that protect three sides, and can be easily removed and replaced.

The good news is they sell for a few dollars only, so they are the least expensive option available. They also come in a broad range of sizes, from twin to king, and are also available in a variety of depths.

Upmarket Clientele

If you’re looking to spend more and want to show off a bit, expecting somewhat of a more upmarket clientele, then head off the Mattress

Expert for a range of mattresses that are targeted at the vacation and property rental market. Here ( there are details of a wide number of factory-fresh items available.

On Amazon, popular items include the Mattress Wedge which, the site says, “will fill the gap”, with handy side pockets. It rolls up and rolls down in seconds and fits the width of any size bed.

This is available for an incredibly reasonable price. Also available are “smart air beds” which can be pumped up with a set of handy tools for $9.99. So, if you’re really on a very tight budget, this is a route to consider taking.

For less than $1 000 you can get a Sealy Posturepedic mattress and you can’t get much better than that for a quality mattress.

Go to and find the Sealy range there.

You’ll find a top-of-the-range queen Sealy Posturepedic for just $520. This is a great bargain and well worth getting if your property is particularly precious to your clientele. Look at it this way – your investment will reap rewards.

Your users will recommend other quality users, and in no time your purchases would have paid for themselves, over and over again.


What to remember when buying a mattress is that models are priced exceptionally high, which take into account a 50% discount.

Few people realize this – so now you know you have room to haggle at the mattress store. My bet is that the salesperson would rather have a sale within the haggle-space, then no sale at all!

If perchance you happen to be at a store that hasn’t been equipped with a discount deal, rather take the chance that any reasonable sale is better than no sale. After all, what do have to lose? Probably just some weight while you trudge to the next mattress store!

Casper Mattress

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While you’re in the mattress market, you’re sure to come across the name Casper, which has been called an “uppity” start-up by those who are either jealous or just plain tired of hearing the name.

The mattress which is all the rage across the US had been awarded very mixed reviews.

Although many have praised it, others have said that the first decent night’s sleep after enduring’ the Casper at home, was when they checked into a hotel, which just had a normal old mattress’.

There you have it in a nutshell. There are many variables when choosing mattresses for rental properties.

On the one hand, you don’t want to get slapped with a lawsuit from someone who’s now got a back condition after sleeping on a terrible foam mattress (that cost you $5), and believe me, that’s not as far-fetched a scenario as it may seem, you also don’t want to spend a
lot of money on mattresses that are vulnerable to the elements’ out there.

You also must think of space, and with that being at such a premium these days, the most sensible choice would be the Murphy bed, or others of different makes, that can be stored away during non-sleeping times.

Airbeds (from Amazon) are also a big seller and you can’t beat that price they’re going for. It’s no wonder that people are looking for bargains, and there are many to be found.

If you’re really stumped at what would be the best choice, there really is no best’ advice that can be given.

At the end of the day, you must consider how much you’re charging for your rental and base your decision on that. If it’s smart, get
smart. If it’s not-so-smart, get not-so-smart. It really is as easy as that.

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