Top 3 Best Mattresses For Shoulder Pain

Shoulders have a lot of muscles and any excess tension on them can cause or amplify pain.

If you are a side sleeper suffering from shoulder pain,you should look for a good mattress that will take pressure off your shoulders, conform to your body shape and provide a proper spinal alignment to ensure that your shoulder muscles are relaxed while sleeping.

With many different mattress brands available in the market currently, choosing the best mattress for shoulder pain can be very challenging.

To help you choose a mattress that suits your needs, below is a review of the top three mattresses for shoulder pain.

1. Live and Sleep Resort Classic 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

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Live and Sleep Resort Classic 10 Inch Mattress is designed with a medium firm memory foam which provides a soft yet firm conforming support.

The mattress has a 2.5 inch premium airflow infused Visco placed on top of high density bottom layer which provides the extra-firm support required to properly support different body types and sleeping positions. Its extra thick profile brings a luxurious and firm touch to the user.

In terms of temperature regulation, Resort Classic is made with plush, breathable and high quality materials for optimum sleeping comfort.

The soft fabric cover perfectly complements the responsiveness of this mattress and its surface is designed to softly cradle the sleeper without altering the firm unique feel of the foam.

The removable and machine washable fabric cover provides a cloud like sensation when its slept on , a perfect feature for anyone with shoulder pain.

The firm high density core has pressure points which relieve body aches by targeting sore body parts such as the shoulders.

Resort Classic mattress does a good job when it comes to reducing tossing and turning and if you sleep with a restless partner, its firm surface prevents motion transfer.

This eco-friendly and non toxic CertiPUR – US certified mattress that is manufactured with hypoallergenic materials comes with a 30 day trial period and a 20 year limited warranty.

When it comes to comparing with other mattresses, Live and Sleep Resort Classic 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress provides the best solution for anyone suffering from shoulder pain.

According to various consumer reviews from e-commerce sites such as Amazon and renowned mattress review website , this Live and Sleep mattress scores over 90 percent in terms of performance (at time of writing).

2. Amerisleep Liberty Memory Foam Mattress

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Amerisleep Liberty Memory Foam Mattress is made with multiple layers of bio-degradable memory foam which provide the best sleeping solution for anyone suffering from shoulder pain.

It is designed with soft, firm and conforming features which provide relaxing pressure relief and it will leave you feeling rejuvenated and recharged when you wake up. Liberty Memory Foam Mattress is one of the most eco-friendly mattresses in the market.

Its top cover is infused with Celliant; a proprietary material that is used to conserve and reflect heat dissipated by the body consequently providing pain relief.

This CertiPUR – US certified mattress contains a 3 inch memory foam top layer with an open cell design that offers great thermal dissipation and shoulder contour support. Liberty’s 2 inch middle layer is made more firm in order to create the perfect transition support and response between the top and the bottom layer.

The 7 inch bottom layer offers a firm and deep support ensuring that the user gets the optimal spinal alignment while sleeping. The mattress comes with 100 days trial period in addition to a limited 20 year warranty.

One of the features that make Amerisleep Liberty the best memory foam mattress for shoulder pain is the multiple memory foam layers which provide pain relief.

Multiple positive feedback from other users indicate that the mattress’s Celliant Fibers aid in dissipating body heat and alleviating minor body aches in muscles and bones. This feature makes this mattress perfect for anyone experiencing shoulder pain because they are guaranteed a comfortable sleeping surface that provides pain relief.

Popular and respectable mattress review sites like and rate Amerisleep Liberty Memory Foam Mattress as the top mattress for shoulder pain (at time of writing).

3. Ultimate Dreams King Eurotop Latex Mattress

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Ultimate Dreams King is a 12 inch Eurotop latex mattress that is made with three comfort layers for body support.

The comfort layer has an interchangeable Talalay latex layer which instantly conforms to any type of body contour.

This mattress is made with a quilted cover that contains 100 percent bio-degradable bamboo fibers and 1.5 inch of super-soft reflex foam. Its 8 inch and 2 lbs. high density base provides the sleeper with conformability and increased air circulation.
All these features offer exceptional long lasting support and pressure relief to the body, especially the shoulder region.

The mattress’ gently conforming latex foam reduces turning and tossing and for allergy sufferers, Talalay Latex material that is used to manufacture Ultimate Dreams is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant.

One of the reasons why Ultimate Dreams King Eurotop Latex Mattress is among the top rated mattresses for shoulder pain is its exchange comfort layers.

Those who suffer from different types of shoulder pains are able to customize this mattress’s level of softness in a comfort scale that ranges between 1 and 10. The level 1 comfort scale provides a firm type of feel while level 10 provides a soft type of feel.

This is a perfect feature for most people who suffer from shoulder pain because everyone is allowed to fine tune the comfort scale according to personal preferences

.According to, Eurotop mattress is one of the best mattresses for shoulder pain with the positive customer comments left on this review site proving this fact.

How You Can Find The Top Mattress For Shoulder Pain

In order to find the best mattress for shoulder pain, you first need to decide whether you prefer memory foam or latex foam mattress.

Memory Foam also known as Visco Elastic Foam is an artificially manufactured material that is often found in the internal core of most modern mattresses.

Memory Foam mattress is good for anyone who is suffering from shoulder pain because it is designed to specifically cradle each body part that comes in contact with its surface.

It also uniformly distributes pressure and weight while evenly supporting areas such as the shoulders and the back.

However, if you do not like the cradling support or the heating feature of the mainstream memory foam mattress then latex foam mattress is the best option for you.

Natural latex foam mattress is well known to combine softness and springiness which can be likened to inner-springs.

The result of this is a firm, soft, resilient and buoyant sleeping surface with pain relief pressure points.

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