Different Types Of Mattresses Explained

So, you come back home seeking rest after a tiring, hectic day and you realize that your mattress is not that comfortable anymore.

What’d be the first thought in your mind! For me, as soon as I start getting the feeling that my mattresses are not delivering their purpose, I start looking for new options because I know that finding a new mattress is not a task that you can do in one fine day.

It requires a lot of research and thus, one should be prepared to put a lot of time and efforts when buying a new set of mattresses.

How does someone know which mattress is best for them? Of course, most mattress retailers allow you to try mattresses at the showroom, where you can lie, jump or even pat to judge the comfortability factor.

But, when it comes to buying online, you certainly want to understand which one will be most suitable for your needs.

Online purchasing has its own set of advantages, but I’m sure you’re already aware of that and let’s just focus on different types of mattresses that you may choose to buy online.

One common mistake that all individuals make when purchasing new mattresses is that they tend to buy the same quality, type and brand that they had before.

There can be plenty of reasons to do so, but the most justified one is that some people just don’t want to take chances or risks when the question is about spending thousands of dollars in one go.

Of course, buying mattresses is an expensive venture, but the beauty of this investment is that when done on the right asset, it can last more than two decades.

On the other hand, researching products always takes time and this is something which many of us have do not have at all.

Nevertheless, this guide is meant to cut short your part of research by giving you a detailed explanation of different mattress types.

In this article, we’ll introduce and discuss some leading types of mattresses that are currently available on the market so you can have a better understanding of what you want and don’t want.

Innerspring, Coil, Pillow tops

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This group of mattresses comprise of traditional innerspring mattresses that most people are already familiar with. Introduced in 19th century, coil mattresses have been remained one of the most commonly purchased since industrialization. In fact, 75% of American households will have at least one set of coil mattresses.


A complete spring or coil mattress consists of boxspring base, mattress springs, and additional padding layers.

Irrespective of what type you choose, all of these mattresses use metal coils to provide support system.

You’ll find different types of spring systems such as independent pocketed springs and Bonnell coils being used in such mattresses.

The quality of these kind of mattresses are judged by the number of coils and gauges. The lower the gauge, the less support the coils will have.

A 14-gauge mattress is usually considered to be of high quality. While coil count is something that can be selected on the basis or personal whim, it is important to know that the more coils you have in your mattress, the better sleep support and comfort you get.

Along with coils, most mattresses also use heavy foam coating, passing or regular stuffing to provide additional comfort at the sleeping surface. This may include using quilting foam, memory foam or latex stuffing which is several inches thick.


● These are easy to find,

● You can easily judge the quality by getting the right count of coils and gauges.

● These are most affordable mattress types.

● These tend to provide better ease of movement.


● The comfortable level tends to decline very fast, especially if you have children at home who keep jumping on and off the bed. .

● Longevity is again an issue with these kinds of mattresses they tend to wear out faster than other mattresses.

● You might need to replace an average-innerspring mattress every seven to eight years.

● Motion transfer tends to be another major drawback.


Innerspring mattresses are easily available and widely sold at all major or non-major stores across the country.

You can compare the brand value and pricing different manufacturers when selecting a particular model.

Memory Foam

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First introduced in the year 1990, Memory foam mattresses derived their concept from visco-elastic foam used as a cushioning material to absorb the shocks and effects of G-force during take-off.

However, Tempur-Pedic, the first company to use this concept for consumer application decided to introduce this line of mattresses. Memory foam was a unique material and it took people a while to accept it.

However, with the time, Memory foam mattresses became a popular choice among households.

These mattresses have the ability to contour the shape of the sleeper and distribute the weight evenly to provide extra comfort.


These types of mattresses use simple constructions that may different between manufacturers. The upper portion of the mattress consists of memory foam.

This layer can be anywhere between 2-8 inches thick. This layer is then supported by a dense base foam.

This dense layer, however does not have memory properties to prevent the sleeper from sinking to the bottom.

This kind of mattress is made with multiple layers of foam, having different properties.

While some manufacturers cut through air channels to form layers that can reduce heat, other might use a different technology.

Remember, a bed with spring core is not considered to a genuine memory foam mattress.

The factors that you must look for when buying memory foam mattresses are the density and type of the foam being used.

The range of optimal density can lie anywhere between 4.0-5.3 lb (per sq ft). Less than this, your mattress has a good potential to breakdown and even deliver substandard support.

On the other hand, anything higher will be too firm or viscous for many people. These kinds of mattresses also come in different formulations. These are

● Standard (traditional visco-foam, slow-response and temperature sensitive)

● Plant-based ( natural oils, faster response and more breathable)

● Gel infused (gel infused memory foam, often marketed as cooler).


● Memory foam are regarded as the highest-rated mattress in terms of satisfaction.

● Best mattresses for people suffering from backaches and other related pains because the the material supports sleeper’s natural alignment without placing additional pressure on the body. Memory foam maintains longevity with quality ones lasting up to 20 years.

● These prohibit motion transfer as well.


● Traditional “memory foam” has caught fire because of toxic components used in the manufacturing process.

● Imported varieties contain a host of chemicals.

● Memory foams can be a bit hot to sleep on for most people.

● However, newer versions like plant based and gel infused memory foams aim to subside these problems.


Memory foam have become extremely popular and continue to grow in terms of delivering customer satisfaction. Tempur-Pedic is still one of the most preferable luxury brands, and easily found in any showroom or through furniture dealers. Plant-based and gel memory foams are also becoming popular as people are getting more aware about their benefits over traditional one.

Latex Mattresses

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The material used in Latex mattresses originates from the living hevea brasiliensis trees. These mattresses have been around since 90’s, but weren’t so popular back then.

The Dunlop process was first used to make latex foam. Over the years, there have been several different processes introduced such as Talalay process that makes the task easier.

Initially, latex as a material was quite expensive, but modern manufacturing processes have managed to bring a significant reduction in the price.


Latex mattresses use one of the simplest constructions of all the other
options in this category.

A genuine latex mattress contains only latex, for both comfort layers and
support core. Once the foam is manufactured, it is cut, cured, and layered
to make a bed.


These layers can be glued together to deliver durability. Latex mattresses are distinguished on the basis of two factors. These are:

● Manufacturing process

● Type of latex.

The Dunlop process is subsequently the original method used for making latex foam. This method results in a firm and durable product.

On the other hand, the Talalay process is a bit more refined and often yields consistent and customizable product touted as superior.

The latex liquid derived from either process type can make a 100% natural latex, synthetic latex, or a blend of both.

Latex form manufacturers prefer natural product because of the durability, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly properties.


● 100% natural mattresses with 100% owner satisfaction rate,

● They are highly durable,

● Expected lifespan of fifteen years.

● It offers low-pressure support, natural contouring, fast-response, and heat retention.


● Latex mattresses are a bit on an expensive side.

● This mattress type can even be difficult to try and buy locally, as only a few national brands offer 100% genuine latex beds.


Most people who prefer natural latex foam mattress end up shopping online as these mattresses are not easily available at regular stores.

On the other hand, you can find variety of retailers online selling this type of mattress at competitive cost, which tend to be a lot less than what you’d find in local stores,.

Other Specialty Mattresses

Air Beds

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Air beds came out in the market as a revolutionary product in the category of mattresses. This kind of mattress is often referred as “Sleep number bed”.

These are filled with air which allows easy adjustable pressure or firmness. It is easy to judge that air bed mattresses are light and rate lower than other specialized varieties like latex and foam.

On the other hand, they have upper hand in comparison to inner-springs and other typical coil mattresses. These types of mattresses are easily available in branded stores and retailers online.


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The concept of water beds is not new. These have been around since 60’s. Modern water beds are made using vinyl version.

They come in a wide range of variations such as hard side wood frame and soft side waterbeds, All the variations can be used with any standard furniture.

The water chamber is “free flow” so nothing obstructs the flow of water or waves. Waterbeds deliver only 75%, as these are not recommended for couples.

Finding water beds is not easy, as only a few local retailers put them on their catalogs. However, if you choose to shop online, you can find a huge number of retailers selling the bed at competitive rates.

With dozens of brands, hundreds of models and a wide variety of beds, it can be a bit overwhelming to shop for mattresses in today’s market.

Moreover, every year companies introduce new models made with new technologies, which can easily add to anyone’s confusion.

While every individual’s idea of a comfortable bed vary, reviews and customer ratings is also not much useful in this context. So, what is the right way to choose the best mattress for yourself?

If you have not shopped for mattresses before, you must be feeling perplexed after going through the wealth of information given in this post.

Remember, no one can decide on your behalf as buying a mattress will purely depend upon your individual requirements, level of comfort and other personal preferences.

Many people opt for inner-springs since other specialty mattresses can be a bit harder to find. Matching your specific needs for comfortable sleep with right quality product is a subjective process.

It is worth to remember that mattresses are available in a variety of materials, made using different technologies. Depending upon your needs, taste and budget, you should be able to find a suitable bed.

Internet has revolutionized the shopping for mattresses with much greater selection of products, competitive pricing, quick delivery and useful information to help buyers make the right choice.

Even if you don’t feel comfortable about the mattress you have purchased, you can simply exchange it with a new mode without even putting a step outside your home.

Most online retailers provide quick delivery and return process, especially for items that are expensive and valuable to customers. We hope you’ll find this comprehensive mattress guide useful, and make the right choice when making the purchase.

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