How To Get Comfy On A Plane

As interesting as going on a trip can be, a long distance is most likely to be a turn off as several people are not fans of long travel, especially by air.

Long air travel mostly makes one get the feeling of being confined to a particular space for a long period of time making what could have been an ecstatic experience turn sour and completely the opposite of what it should be.

Several folks get nauseous, irritated by every little issue, meals become repelling and joints become strained from seating for long hours. It even gets worse when you have to travel in economy, and some planes have such small space, you barely can stretch your legs.

Contrary to this feeling, a long flight does not always have to be painful and avoided, the question is what if it is an unavoidable flight, what do you do?

You have to do the proverbial “producing of lemonade from the lemons thrown at you.” Doing the right things can make the seemingly annoying long trip a delight, one you want to go through over and over again.

There are several steps one can take to ensure that the trip can become comfortable and exciting, if you are looking for such steps then you are reading the right article.

Join me as I take you through this brief journey of what you can do to spice up your next air trip.

1. Wear Very Comfortable Clothing

Rather than wearing a three-piece suit or some form of clothing that will keep you tight and businesslike, wear something that will free you up a bit. It is going to be a long flight so why put yourself under so much strain, if you are going for a business meeting you should probably pack a bag with your suit while you board the plane in comfy clothing.

Something you can easily peel off like the layers of an onion. In reality, you can never truly know how hot or cold it might get up there so it is best that you come prepared.

Come with less clothing and you will be freezing if it becomes unbearably cold, come with excess and you will be burning up in no time when it gets hot. My advice, come dressed moderately with a jacket handy should the weather take a cold turn and have something light under your shirt should it get too hot.

Also avoid sticky clothes or wool, this could cause you to get itchy before your flight is over.

You also want to avoid heavy shoes on your feet, a long flight might cause some folks’ feet to swell, you do not want your feet to swell in tight or heavy shoes, and you will literally be in hell.

Get some comfy shoes like tennis shoes, slips or even flats to keep you as comfy as possible.

Wearing high heels is definitely a terrible option especially for a long flight, rather come with a pair of socks or slippers to allow your feet some breathing space.

2. Earplugs Or Headphones Are Nonnegotiable

It is a long flight so you can be sure to get quite an amount of noise, crying babies, chatty passengers, noisy devices, not to forget the plane’s loud engines. Nothing can be more irritating than being attacked by unwanted noise when you are already in a situation you do not fancy like a long flight.

What better way to do away with the noise than with earplugs? Noise-canceling earplugs or headphones are your best bet, they are actually the best invention since sliced bread, or so they say.

Get a pair and you are all of a sudden in heaven, in your own world, either in pin-drop silence or listening to exactly what makes you happy, ranging from orchestra music to loud party mix, as long as it is right in your ears, you have nothing to worry about.

With your newly created haven, sleeping in comfort becomes an easy reality.

3. Escape The Light

A couple of us hardly catch up with sleep with light beaming on our eyelids, even though quite a number of people care less if a stadium’s floodlights were right before their eyes.

If you fall into the category of dark sleepers like myself then it is expedient that you get yourself a facemask to keep off the surrounding light.

It helps prepare you for a long flight of sleep, just the perfect combo with your headphones or earplugs. With these you sure will be miles away in dreamland even with the surrounding lights and irritating noises.

4. Take As Much Water As You Can

Our bodies are made up of almost 80% of water, despite this fact our reserves could go quite low under certain conditions, one of which is flying.

Have you noticed that when thirsty nothing can really quench your thirst like water? You might decide to indulge in a little alcohol, tea or even coffee, regardless of how many you take, your body will still request for water.

While on a flight you need to be as hydrated as possible, get all the water you can, it will keep your body metabolism balanced thus keeping you in a state of comfort all through the flight.

I recommend that once you pass through security you get a bottle of water and help yourself to a gulp or two once in a while till you touch down.

More so, other beverages like alcohol, tea and coffee rather than help you get comfy, take your sleep away, you really do not want that happening except you have some work to tidy up before getting to your destination.

5. Moisturize your skin

The air on the flight can sometimes become unpleasant for the skin causing you to break up especially at the joints.

It is imperative that you get as much moisture on your skin as possible similar to what you will do when going out on a winter morning.

You should ensure that you apply skin friendly cream on your face, lips, body and every other part of your body exposed to the cabin air because asides being disfiguring for your skin, breaking skin can be quite uncomfortable putting you through unnecessary pain.

6. Check In On Time

One of the most frustrating experiences ever is being caught up in the long checking in queues at the airports.

It already tunes you off for the long flight, putting you in a foul mood especially if the queues are a bit unruly. It is advisable that you check in early to avoid getting caught up in these kind of appalling situations.

Technology has made life easier, you can check in online now and thus avoid the anaconda long queues, this way you save time and get to pick a seat of your choice while others are still on the queue.

7. Make The Right Choice Of Seat

Yes, most seats might be in the same class, yet some turn out to be more comfortable than others.

Several have their own preferences of where to seat, some love to seat just by the window while others prefer the inner aisle, a few prefer to seat close to the front of the plane while others rather sit at the tail end.

You should endeavor to pick a seat based on your preference, you do not want to manage through a long flight, it will probably make you touchy and irritable in less than no time.

8. Plan Your Time Wisely

A number of people get on flights with the intent of watching movies all through because they actually enjoy doing that, others just watch movies for a lack of better things to do with their time.

If you are going to be flying for a couple of hours then you should have a plan, you do not want the hours going to waste and you coming off unfulfilled. If movies are your thing, then plan to see as many as you can before you land else plan properly to do what tickles your fancy.

You can plan to get some outstanding office work done, read a book, write an article or get a well-deserved rest.

Whatever you do, make sure your time on the flight is well planned and accounted for, it will definitely hurt you more than anything else to discover that you wasted all the time on the flight doing nothing profitable.

9. Avoid Full Pockets

While trying to settle down you do not want heavy stuff poking you on the sides or in your pockets, it can really be an unpleasant feeling.

The seat in front of you always has a small pocket where you can unload the contents of your pocket to allow you enjoy a stress free ride.

On the other hand, you might decide to come along with a small bag or satchel to keep your belongings, as long as they are out of your pocket you should be fine.

10. Enjoy The Luxury Of The Pillow And Blanket

Most airlines provide a blanket and pillow for their client going on long flights.

It will be wise for you to take advantage of these additional luxuries, you just need to sit back, relax, cover yourself with the blanket to get that cozy bedroom feel and place your head on the pillow, dreamland is not far away.

If you have the luxuries at your disposal, you might as well use them.

11. Minimize The Luggage You Take Onboard

You do not want to go through the stress of constantly checking your luggage to see if it properly fits or if it is going to inconvenience the fellow sitting next to you.

It is advisable to take onboard a small box that can fit properly into the luggage bin while the rest goes in with the cargo.

This way you do not have to constantly check on the box and cause an avoidable commotion onboard.

12. Try To Move Around

Sitting in one position for a long while will definitely cause some level of body ache due to poor circulation of blood.

It is imperative that you take walks around the cabin from time to time to avoid being sore at the end of the flight.

A few airlines provide guidelines on exercises that can be carried out on seat while others provide spaces behind the cabin for stretching exercises to be carried out.

You should avail yourself of these so you can avoid cramps and unnecessary pain later on or even after you have landed.

13. Pack A Snack And Make The Best Of The Meals Served

You do not want to have a battle with hunger on the flight, it is hardly one anyone can win.

Pack yourself a bit of your favorite snack to ensure that you have something you love to eat being your companion in your frailest time of need.

It is no news that some of the meals prepared by airlines do not actually suit everyone, you might see the meal as a little bland or boring. That is why you can request for some salt or pepper to spice up your food and make it a bit more delightful.

After all, since you cannot do anything about it, it is best to improvise to enjoy it. You can also call your airline to find out if they still serve free meals on the flight and probably make a special order ahead of time, that way you have yourself insured against hunger.

14. Quit Checking The Time And Change Your Mindset

It can be really frustrating when you keep watching the time and it is going so slow and you really cannot do anything to move it faster.

This is one phenomenon that occurs frequently on long flights.

My advice, quit checking the time and just bask in the ambience of what you have at hand. You should also rewire your mindset and stop feeling like the long time you spend on the flight is a waste.

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