Sleep Number Bed Reviews

Sleep Number is a leading manufacturer of comfortable, customizable beds. Our Sleep Number bed reviews will help introduce you to the concept of a “smart bed” (customizable sleeping system).

Using a patented system, each side of the mattress on a Sleep Number adjustable bed can be adjusted to the optimum firmness setting in order to give you an excellent night’s rest.

Depending on your preference, your adjustable bed can either be soft and pillowy (cradling your body and letting you sink into the mattress), or it can support your back, shoulders, and hips firmly. The choice is yours, and the settings are easily customizable to give users a good night’s sleep.

There are customization settings that range all the way from downy-soft, to dense and solid, and everything in between. Sleep IQ technology in the higher-end models includes built-in computer modules that monitor your comfort level, mattress settings, and sleep patterns.

This wide range of adjustability not only helps you fall asleep faster, but it also improves the quality of your rest.

Sleep Number beds are available in various models and sizes. This includes a full line of queen Sleep Number beds and king size Sleep Number beds. Different bedding options and additions such as foam mattress pads, quilted mattress toppers, and other accessories for those who prefer memory foam mattresses make it still easier for users to select comfort levels according their their personal needs.

Sleep Number makes a range of claims, asserting that their line of beds can help with body pain and stiffness, snoring, and reduce frequent waking throughout the night.

Many of these claims have been backed up with clinical trials, which are all featured prominently on the Sleep Number homepage.

The company also provides a trial period, as well as a comprehensive warranty, in case you aren’t entirely satisfied with your choice in mattresses.

Depending on the specific model, you’ll be covered for years if your bed ever breaks.

The Sleep Number bed warranty is fully in line with other premium mattress manufacturers, covering the Sleep Number bed frame and adjustable base, most replacement parts, and service. In the case of Sleep Number bed problems that require repair, all proprietary Sleep Number bed parts are included.

Each line of Sleep Number beds has its own unique attributes, from the traditional Classic Series which feels much like a standard mattress, all the way to the premium comfort of the Innovation Series, with a deep pillow-top and advanced features that keep your mattress cool.

There are currently four lines of Sleep Number beds with slightly different materials and manufacturing methods.

Every bed utilizes the patented Sleep Number system, which allows each side of the bed to be adjusted from firm to soft using the included remote control.

Sleep Number Bed Reviews: The Facts

Sleep Number Beds

* Classic Series – The most affordable offering from Sleep Number is their Classic Series. This traditional mattress is improved with the addition of Sleep Number adjustable firmness technology. Every Classic Series bed includes a single wireless digital remote control to adjust firmness, as well as a Comfort Layer which contours to your body to provide support where you need it.

* Performance Series – A step up from the Classic Series, the Performance Series line of beds includes everything that the cheaper model has, as well as a few improvements. The Performance Series comes with a thicker Comfort Layer, and also comes with a pillow-top for added comfort. The Sleep Number Performance Series of beds are more luxurious and inviting than the Classic Series.

* Memory Foam Series – The Sleep Number Memory Foam series of beds include an additional layer of comfortable foam instead of the pillow-top. Their premium Memory Foam series m7 beds use a patented gel technology to keep the mattress cooler than other, competing, memory foam beds. This series also includes all of the options of the Performance and Classic series, such as a wireless remote control for the dual-zone firmness settings.

* Innovation Series – Sleep Number’s flagship series of beds, every Innovation mattress is engineered to be reliable, comfortable, and long-lasting. This series includes an additional remote control, as well as a much thicker pillow-top, and a temperature-balancing sleep surface. The Innovation Series also includes options for people who prefer memory foam to a traditional pillow-top.

Adjustable Firmness

The most praised feature of the Sleep Number bed is its adjustable firmness.

You and your partner could spend hours arguing about which bed is best for you, but with a Sleep Number bed there is no compromising.

Pick the number that fits best for you, and your partner can do the same.

This not only eliminates hours at the mattress store, but it also gives you the best sleep possible.

Each Sleep Number bed can be customized entirely to your preferences.

No other bed on the market can tailor itself to your body in order to deliver such a comfortable night’s sleep.

Sleep Number beds work like this: when you select a number on the included wireless remote, the mattress either lets in more air to create a firm surface for you to sleep on, or lets air out, creating a softer more enveloping feel.

Each side of the bed has it’s own air compression system, allowing you and your partner to adjust to your needs.

This helps improve sleep, reduces pain, and also keeps both partners happy.

Firmness is controlled using a wireless, digital remote which lets you dial up and down each side of the mattress.

This makes it easy to try out different numbers and easily return to your favorite.

With this mattress, it’s possible to dial-up the softness when you really need it, then return to a firmer setting if you’re in pain or need additional support.

DualTemp System

Sleep Number’s newest innovation is the DualTemp system, which can help keep your side of the bed cooler or warmer than the other.

This system is incredibly advanced, making use of some of the latest technology in order to increase airflow and cool the mattress.

One of the largest shortcomings of memory foam mattresses is the way that they heat up, so this system is a very welcome improvement.

Any bed that Sleep Number produces, whether it’s got a traditional top, pillow top, or memory foam, can have the DualTemp system installed.

This option is especially nice for people who live in warm, humid climates, lack air conditioning, or just sleep better on a cool mattress.

The DualTemp system is installed as an additional layer, increasing the thickness of the mattress slightly.

This system can also heat the mattress as well, making it a good choice for cold climates or any area that experiences a harsh winter.

Unlike electric blankets, which warm you from above but can keep your backside feeling chilly, the DualTemp system heats your body from beneath.

Improves Sleep

Many owners saw improvement in their sleep patterns after owning a Sleep Number.

Because of the adjustable firmness, you’ll notice less tossing and turning while sleeping. This also makes falling asleep easier and faster.

Since the quality of sleep is so much better, it also reduces the amount of time needed in bed in order to get a restful sleep.

Owners say they actually sleep less than what they had with a traditional spring mattress.

If you’ve ever woken up tired after a full 8 hours of sleep, then this might just be the mattress for you.

Some studies indicate that people who use Sleep Number beds experience less snoring during the night.

Since the amount of support is adjustable, there may be a setting for you that provides a comfortable night’s sleep while making it easier to breathe.

While there’s no replacement for proper treatment if you suffer from sleep apnea, a Sleep Number bed could be a part of the solution.

Reduces Pain

Sleep Number is an excellent option for those struggling with pain during the night.

Often, spring mattresses cannot match the curve of the body, creating uncomfortable gaps that push your body out of shape.

Instead of conforming to your bed, Sleep Number lets you make the adjustments that help the bed cushion and support your body.

According to the manufacturer, twenty percent of sleep number users experienced back, shoulder, and neck relief while owning this mattress.

In comparison to Sleep Number’s top competitor, ten percent more of Sleep Number’s customers experienced significant pain reduction after using.

Whether you’ve got issues with pain due to past injuries or you’re just tired of waking up with a backache because you’re old mattress isn’t right for you, switching to a Sleep Number mattress might just be the help you need.

Movement Transfer

Traditional springs are all connected together, but Sleep Number’s pocketed air springs are completely separate and individual.

This means that your movement doesn’t transfer across the entire bed in the same way that it would on a traditional mattress.

All of this translates to a better night of sleep for you and your partner, regardless of how often you roll over or get out of bed.

The bed is also split in the middle, which means that tossing and turning transfers through the mattress even less.

In fact, it’s a combination of these different features which help Sleep Number beds reduce the amount of movement that’s transferred between different sides of the bed.

If you’re tired of being woken up in the middle of the night because your partner is getting up or moving around, then a Sleep Number mattress might be a good choice.


In comparison to traditional mattresses, the Sleep Number actually lasts a lot longer than most.

The average lifespan of the mattress hovered around ten years, but many Sleep Number owners had their Sleep Numbers close to twenty.

Traditional spring mattresses last only around 5-7 years.

The increased lifespan can be attributed, in part, to the fact that, technically, Sleep Number beds use high tech air mattresses. Sleep Number beds rely on pocketed air chambers (“air coils”) instead of traditional springs.

These columns of air never wear out, and the Sleep Number technology maintains the air pressure in these air bladders and keeps it constant throughout the entire life of the mattress.

You’ll never have your mattress go saggy and soft in the middle if you select a bed by Sleep Number.

The technology behind these pocketed air coils is another important contributing factor for the long lifespans of sleep number beds.

Since the system monitors the air pressure in every coil, keeping it constant, you’ll never find these mattresses wearing out in the same way as the innerspring mattresses of a traditional bed.

Even as your Sleep Number mattress ages, the computer-controlled system will keep the same level of support and comfort as you had on the very first night.


Because the bed is technically split in two, a lot of customers complain that the middle of the Sleep Number is significantly more uncomfortable than the rest of the bed.

Depending on the selected numbers, the middle of the bed could turn into a trench of “no man’s land,” or a large hill where the air chambers meet.

It seems that the bigger the difference between the numbers of both sides, the more problems there are.

However, if the partners habitually use similar settings, then the middle of the bed lines up better, which can be a lot more comfortable.

One of the problems that modern Sleep Number mattresses have solved is the problem with burst air pockets.

Through a combination of tougher engineering and a thicker top layer, it’s almost impossible to blow out a coil on a modern Sleep Number bed.

The Innovation Series also includes monitoring and a failsafe which reduces the pressure in an individual coil if it’s in danger of popping.

Finally, the Sleep Number beds do make a bit of noise when you’re adjusting the settings.

The air compressor, like all air compressors, can be a bit noisy.

This is only an issue when changing the settings, so you shouldn’t worry about it keeping you awake at night.


Since Sleep Number makes a wide range of claims about their mattresses, it makes sense that they’ve undergone independent testing to back up these promises.

Sleep Number has commissioned a series of studies, supporting their advertising on every topic from pain relief to the benefits of memory foam.

All of these studies are available on their website for you to look through and draw your own conclusions.


Sleep Number beds do command a premium price compared to traditional mattresses.

One thing that stands out, however, is the way that they’ve done their best to provide an option in every price range.

The features, too, are surprisingly similar across all models, although the more expensive mattresses are clearly made to be more cushioned and comfortable.

Every bed that Sleep Number makes has a dual-zone, adjustable firmness system.

They’re all able to be controlled with a wireless, digital remote.

Each mattress also has an excellent warranty, as well as a trial period in which you can return the bed, no questions asked, if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Trial Period

Every Sleep Number bed includes a 100-night trial period.

If you’re not completely satisfied then you can ship your bed back to the factory for a complete refund.

Depending on where you purchase your mattress, you might be able to just bring it back to the store. There are Sleep Number stores in most urban areas.

The only caveat to this offer is that you keep the mattress clean and in good condition during your trial.

Take care to use a mattress cover and keep the sheets fresh if you’re concerned that you might have to return it.


Every Sleep Number bed is backed by a 10-year warranty, one of the longest and best in the business, which guards you against manufacturing and materials defects.

The DualTemp system carries its own 3-year warranty, and (of course) every mattress comes with a 100-night trial period.

On the whole, Sleep Number’s warranty offerings are some of the most generous of any mattress manufacturer, and the company is known for their excellent customer service.

The Sleep Number Bed Reviews on these pages are chock full of information about the pros and cons of Sleep Number Bed systems. We hope they help you find the info you need to choose the best system for you!

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