A List Of Different Kind Of Mattresses

A treatise on different kind of mattresses

With more and more of consumers purchasing different kinds of mattresses today in the hope of finding enhanced and restful night time sleep, the purchase of innerspring mattress, memory foam mattress, air mattress, water mattress and latex mattress has risen over the last couple of years.

Quality mattresses not only assure us of fewer body aches and lesser early morning back pains but also keep us emotionally and physically fit to wake up in an excellent mood.

Research has also shown that people are able to sleep better, suffer less back pain and have stress reduced if they change beds for the better.

Basically if the sleep surface alleviates pressure on various areas of body, the sleep quality tends to improve drastically.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are the most widely used mattresses today.

These are made with a steel coil support system. The numbers of coils differ with the manufacturer, and generally a greater number of coils mean more support.

There are various kinds of spring systems, including the mattresses with individual enclosing for each coil and mattresses with all springs connected in one single unit.

Spring systems with individual coil enclosing ensure zero popping of coils out of the mattress.

The innerspring is covered on top by various materials like upholstery fabrics, latex, padding, fiber, foam and extra layers of small steel coils for an added comfort.

The number of coils, coil gauge, shape of the spring and design can all vary.

The coil count can be anything, but generally a greater number of coils would mean more points of support, and hence a better support and contour is provided to the sleeper.

The innerspring mattresses range in price, firmness and fluffiness to practically fit into any preference and budget.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Easy foam or Memory foam mattresses are made of high density polyurethane foam which acts as a comfortable support system placed on the upholstery layer of the bed.

The polyurethane foam has an inherent unique property that allows the material to closely contour itself to the shape of the sleeper.

Historically speaking, the memory foam mattress was originally created and designed for the NASA astronauts in the 70’s of the bygone 20thcentury, which immediately got the recognition of the medical science.

Later on, the bio-medical community designed those same polyurethane mattresses for the comfort of the people staying in hospitals and nursing homes.

Polyurethane pressure mattresses reduced the chances of developing pressure sores on the lower torso of the patient’s body.

It is extremely important that you must find the density of your memory foam mattress before you invest on your dream.

It is best to remember that higher the density of the mattress the better will it conform to your body while you are asleep.

It’s best to buy anything over 4.5 in the density scale, although the range starts from 1 and ends at 5. If you don’t find the density marking on the top side of the mattress, ask for assistance before deciding on your prize.

Air Mattresses

The air bed mattresses were primarily manufactured for camping supplies, but the residential air beds are more advanced in their design and technology.

Residential air beds use adjustable air chambers to act as its support system.

These beds allow each side of the mattress to be controlled individually for adjusting the comfort needed which varies among individuals and so are most preferred by couples.

Unlike the camping air beds, residential air mattresses are covered with exquisitely soft and comfortable upholstery and padding that are designed and manufactured to cover the bed which includes various kinds of foams and fibres. All reputed air mattresses are also, designed to look like conventional residential beds.
While deciding on an air mattress of your choice never forget to check on and buy air beds which have strong and reliable inflation valves and are accompanied with an electrical air pump.

With the help of a miniature high pressure electrical air pump, contrary to hand pumps which were in vogue earlier, inflating the air mattress becomes extremely quick and easy for use.
All that you need to do to install a modern air mattress on your bed which is capable of delivering high caliber comfort is to flap it open and set the pump to do the rest of the job in the shortest possible time.

Water Mattresses

Another mattress which is available in most of the American homes is the water mattress.

There are two most popular kinds of water mattresses- the first one are those water beds that have hard sides while the other one comes with soft sides.

The hard sided water beds have a water chamber which is inserted inside the framework of a conventional rectangular wooden frame.

The soft sided water beds are those that consist of a water chamber which is placed inside a rectangular structure of rigid foam that is zipped inside a designed or plain fabric casing.

While manufacturing a water bed, the water mattress is covered with upholstery materials which are created from very high quality assortment of foams and fibres that rest on top of an elevated platform which in the case of soft sided water mattresses upholds the bed.
Water beds are not only most comfortable for an unhindered sleep, but they are also extremely pleasant to look at as they fit the rest of the existing bedroom furniture seamlessly.

While some of the water mattresses are “Waveless” whereby fibres’ or baffles’ limits the motion of the water inside the bed, others are “Free Flow” water mattresses, those that has no obstructions to the flow of water inside the bed.

Latex Mattresses

The latex mattresses which are manufactured out of Latex drawn from rubber plants or petroleum based materials use latex foam as their support system.

In the latex beds, latex is also used in the upholstery layers to make the bed even more comfortable for an undisturbed and pain-free sleep.
It has been reviewed by several users of Latex mattress that people suffering from allergies can greatly benefit from using these mattresses which once purchased can always last even more than 20 years, once it is handled with prudential care.

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