The Top 3 Best Mattresses For Comfort + Tips

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Everybody loves his/her sleep and comfortability when on the bed. Having a good night sleep is key to your body’s physical health.┬áThere are tonnes and tonnes of mattresses on the market and this makes it very hard for you to identify and pick the best mattresses for comfort.

Picking a mattress ain’t just about its outlook and durability, there are many other factors that must be looked at before doing a purchase. In this article, we are going to look at the best mattresses in terms of comfortability and how to choose a good mattress.

Best mattress for comfort

1.) Amerisleep AS3

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This is one of the most favoured plant-based memory foam models manufactured by Amerisleep.

It has a transition foam layer that adds a little cushion to it. Its celliant infused cover is made from thermoreactive yarn that safely converts body heat to infrared light thus increasing one’s body blood flow.

It also has motion transfer and sinkage properties that enable it to absorb motion caused by a partner’s movement if you are sharing a bed.

This mattress is high density in terms of foam and also has no heat and fragrance remonstrance. ]

The foam on this mattress is Bi0 fur (made from plants) All these features have contributed to this mattress’ really good user reviews.

All these features and benefits make this mattress to fall under the list of best mattresses for comfort. Many people on online forums praise this mattress due to its comfortability, price, durability and overall sleeping experience.

2.) Simmons Beautyrest Black Ice Phoebe 13”

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This mattress is a memory foam mattress that uses new technology to provide favourable sleeping conditions.

This mattress has a dynamic response memory foam, plush fabric that tops it and a chain of pocketed coils that aid in supporting one’s spine and back. Its coils are triple stranded so as to aid in motion separation and also increase its durability. The coils also help in pressure relief and general body support.

It has surface cool fibers on its sleep surface that are vertically aligned so as to dissipate heat.

Some of its models have micro diamond memory foam that helps in directing heat away from one’s body so as to enjoy fairly low temperatures and comfortable sleep.

It also has breathable gel technology that is spread on the micro diamond memory foam that helps in providing a conducive sleep environment.

This mattress has good customer reviews based on it’s comfortability.

3.) Serta icomfort Savant III

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This mattress is considered an update to the already existing Serta savant models. It is a foam mattress that offers great comfort and body support to its sleepers.

This mattress gives couples motion isolation quality, its spring models use pocketed coils that aid in this. Apart from the springs, the added memory foam also help a great way in lessening movement.

Savant III has no odor or less odor ( from offgas when the mattress is opened when still new) this helps in increasing this mattress comfortability when it’s new.

Added to the mattress is the new Everfeel Tripple Effects Gel Memory Foam technology.

This technology has a unique structure with tiny cushioning chambers that pivots on cooling and one’s comfortability when sleeping.

This technology has tiny titanium gel beads that aid in lessening pressure points, body contours and also help in alignment.

Material structure and composition are maintained by increasing the range of temperature and humidity, this is achieved by the EverTemp technology that is incorporated.

These mattress reviews are still minimal but this does not stop it from being among the most comfortable mattresses existing at the moment. These features play a great role in achieving comfortability while sleeping on this mattress.

How to find most comfortable mattress

Shopping for a mattress can be a little nagging/stressing. For that reason, we have decided to give you some of the factors that you should incorporate while shopping for a comfortable and good mattress in general.

Plush or Firm:

This basically refers to the ” softness” or ”hardness” of a mattress.

Mattresses are usually described as plush, ultra plush, firm or extra firm. You should know your preference ( plush or firm) so as to improve comfortability when sleeping. Some people usually prefer firm mattress to plush and vice versa.

One should also know that firm mattresses aren’t good for back sleepers.

The type of mattress

Before you purchase a mattress you should know its type.

Memory foam mattresses usually retain heat hence making them warm during the night. Sleepers that prefer cool sleeping surface should consider purchasing latex or innerspring mattresses.

Which side you sleep on

You should also put into consideration the side you usually sleep on i.e side sleep, stomach sleeper or back sleeper.

A medium-firm mattress is usually considered good for back sleepers because it gently supports one’s spine hence reducing weight on one’s joint and pressure points.

A soft mattress is usually good for side sleepers because it gives the necessary body support by cradling one’s hips, shoulders so as to prevent pressure/stress and injury.

While sleeping on your stomach, much pressure is exerted on the lumbar and thoracic areas. This results in pain and aches in the back and spine. A firm mattress is good for this kind of sleepers.

Firm mattresses usually lower the risk of these pains in a great way.

4.) If you have physical have physical health problems, you should consider seeking advice from your doctor.

A doctor might not give you the best advice because they are not mattress experts but they can help by giving you advice that might be helpful when settling on a good mattress.

5.) One should also consider purchasing a mattress from a retailer that has a return period. This period will help you in trying out the mattress and feel if it is comfortable as you expected before committing to it.

Tying out a mattress before completely committing usually helps a great way in Choosing a good and comfortable mattress.

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