The Best Mattress for Daybed Furniture You Can Buy

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Daybeds are practical and stylish pieces of furniture with side arms, and they are usually available in either a wooden or metal frame, with a pleasant matte or glossy finish and your choice of a daybed mattress.

This is essentially a twin bed that is also used as a sofa for lounging, and it often happens that regular single mattresses match the size of a daybed. But what are the best mattresses for a daybed, and why?

Here you will find in-depth reviews and useful advice on how to find the best daybed mattress:

Find out exactly what a daybed is here.

Daybed Mattress Reviews

1. The DHP 8-Inch Independently Encased Futon Mattress

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Sold by Dorel Home Products, this daybed mattress is an independently encased, coil premium futon mattress available in an elegant black color. Measuring 8 inches in thickness, this mattress is made of microfiber material, it has a Japanese futon style and its entire support system relies on the 522 coils that offer an even body weight distribution and ensure the comfort of the user. This daybed mattress is available in several different colors ranging from black and charcoal to chocolate brown.

The mattress features a high-quality polyester and foam layer that is located right between the independently encased coils and the cover of the futon mattress, to ensure optimal and unparalleled comfort. The mattress is designed to fit almost every daybed size and frame, although it is highly recommended to carefully take the measurements before purchasing any mattress.

2. Zinus Quick Lock 30 Inch Wide Mattress Set and Day Bed Frame

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Our new number 2 is actually a 30-inch wide mattress set and daybed frame is extremely good. The frame and mattress cost less than most mattresses you could get individually for your daybed. The mattress is made of foam, which provides comfort in any position.

3. Zinus 6 Inch Hybrid Foam and Spring Mattress

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Our new 3rd choice is the very popular Zinus hybrid mattress. While not specifically designed for a daybed it will comfortably fit the majority as it’s a twin mattress, that’s the size that fits almost every daybed on the market.

Previous Recommendation 

The Sealy Raffia Firm Daybed Mattress

If you are looking for a mattress that will offer state of the art comfort, stability and support without relying on the traditional coil innerspring system, then look no further than the Sealy Raffia Firm mattress. Very versatile, lightweight and easy to handle and install, this mattress is ideal for small day beds and it will provide years of continuous comfort, without you having to invest a small fortune in it.

When it comes to the quality and construction of the mattress, it must be said that there are many different aspects that set the Sealy Raffia Firm apart from the rest of the mattress, and one of them is the five-inch-thick foam core that offers great comfort, without that push-back effect that most users dislike.

Thinner and lighter than the innerspring twin mattress for trundle beds and daybeds, the Sealy Raffia firm has a reasonable height that makes it suitable not only for daybeds but also for trundle beds, bunk beds or for single use as an individual mattress, to accommodate the guests. One thing is for sure: this daybed mattress surely offers a great value for the money along with a high level of performance, and the 10-year warranty comes to support the fact that this mattress is built to last.

4. The Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress

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This is yet another twin mattress for daybeds. It measures 8 inches in thickness and is made and sold by Best Price Mattress. The product features an exquisite and highly efficient pressure point relief system thanks to the different layers of foam that are specifically combined for a muscle relaxing experience. Besides this, the mattress also comes with a two-inches thick memory foam that has been infused with charcoal.


This daybed mattress also features ventilated cool mattress that ensures a continuous and uninterrupted airflow designed to balance the temperature between the mattress and the body of the user. In addition to this, the remaining four inches consist of high-density foam, for added support and efficacy. This base layer is particularly useful for those who experience hip and shoulder pain.


This daybed mattress is made with CertiPUR-US approved foam, which means that the material inside the mattress has been rigorously tested and inspected and it has met all the criteria set for indoor emissions and physical performance.

This mattress also uses an advanced system that is known as Activ Fresh, designed to improve the freshness of the mattress and to increase its overall lifespan thanks to the active charcoals that control the odor and absorb the extra moisture. This will not only keep both you and your daybed mattress clean and fresh, but it will also help you save a lot of time cleaning the mattress


The mattress is designed to offer the utmost level of comfort thanks to the multiple layers of sleep foam. This daybed mattress features an original patented structure that offers a floating-like sensation that allows the product to mold around the contour of your body and distributing your weight evenly across its surface, thus relieving the pressure points.

The mattress measures 75 inches in length, 39 inches in width and 8 inches in height, it comes with a comfort poly terry cover and it also has an advanced transfer motion reduction feature. The mattress does not need to be flipped and rotated, and it also comes with a 15-year limited warranty provided by the manufacturer.

How To Choose The Best Daybed Mattress?

No matter if you have decided to invest in a daybed to use in a spare bedroom for its practical and functional side, or you just have a very limited space to decorate and you want to make the best out of it, this type of furniture certainly comes in handy in the long run.

Most modern daybeds come with free mattresses included in the package, but (as also happens with owners of trundle mattresses) some owners choose to buy an additional mattress that they can use while washing the original mattress and letting it dry.

There are numerous options available for consumers, including those above, or esoteric offerings from other high-profile manufacturers (the Ikea Tromsnes is their daybed model). But all Swedish meatballs aside, which mattress is best for your needs?

What Size Mattress Fits a Daybed?

Daybed mattress size is fairly standard: daybed frames are, as a general rule, designed to accommodate a twin daybed mattress which is the same size as a regular twin size mattress.

One of the most convenient things when buying a replacement mattress for your daybed is that fact — a daybed mattress is the same size as a twin, allowing you to quickly combine two twin size mattresses to turn into a king size bed whenever needed. This works especially well if you happen to have a daybed with trundle or pop-up trundle combination, making two twin mattresses available for such use if needed. However, it’s a fact that many twin daybed mattresses are built differently than regular twin mattresses, and tend to be lighter and less durable (and not intended for extensive daily use).

The daybed mattress vs twin mattress debate is worth consideration. That being said, here are some of the aspects that you need to take into account before going out to shop for such a mattress:

1. Decide On The Support System That Appeals To You The Most

This is often a subjective choice and it depends on the needs, requirements, and preferences of each user. Some users like a firmer support while others love plush, extra soft mattresses that offer the unique sinking-in sensation.

It is of utmost importance to pay attention both to the support system that these mattresses use and to the materials that were used when manufacturing it. Mattresses with a soft top are particularly useful for day beds, given the fact that they are specifically designed for seating.


Memory foam is the most commonly used material for this type of mattress: cost-effective, comfortable and almost as durable as the innerspring based mattresses, the memory foam mattresses are very easy to handle, store and wash whenever needed.

Besides this, the notion of “memory foam” means that the foam will always come back to its initial shape, thus efficiently correcting the amount of pressure at the surface, relieving pain and aches. However, it is extremely important to decide on the most suitable mattress density, as it often happens that the mattress density is what determines its efficacy, comfort rate, and overall durability and lifespan. The golden rule is: the denser the mattress, the longer the lifespan.


Innerspring mattresses are the traditional mattresses as we know them, and they seem to be particularly popular amongst kids, due to their featured coils. Kids love innerspring daybed mattresses because they can jump on them all day long, which is great, but unfortunately, these mattresses seldom provide the user with the comfort he needs. An elaborate coil configuration does add to the durability of the mattress, but it also makes it extremely difficult to handle and lift.

Nonetheless, if you have decided to opt for an innerspring mattress for your daybed, then at least make sure that you are well aware of all the available mechanisms of action. Some of these mattresses feature open coils that ensure equal and even body weight distribution, while other mattresses are zoned and they have a greater concentration of coils in the center of the mattress, right where it tends to hollow over the years.

On the other hand, two other very popular choices amongst innerspring mattress fans are the pocket sprung and the continuously sprung mattress: the first type relies on a support mechanism where every individual coil is wrapped in a plastic tube, while the latter relies on a mechanism where all the inner coils are woven tightly together, for an even and indisputable support and body weight distribution.

2. Choose The Right Type Of Finish

Fortunately, there are many customization options to opt for in terms of daybed mattress finishes, and one of the aspects you need to consider when deciding on the finish is the general comfort level provided by the mattress. If the mattress offers a soft or an extra plush level of comfort, then you should opt for a soft finish that is pleasant to the touch.

Quilted mattresses are a very popular choice as well, and quilting represents fibers that are carefully woven together to create an extra soft layer, right on top of the mattress. The quilting can be tailored as well, as you can either opt for a very thin micro quilted layer, or you can opt for a thicker layer that is created using the deep quilting technique. Other finish options include tufted daybed mattresses.

Multiple styles of daybed bedding, daybed mattress covers, and cushions are available to suit your budget and preference. In the end, it all comes down to the individual preferences of each user.

3. Consider Futon Mattresses

Futon mattresses should not be neglected either. Particularly popular in the Japanese culture, these very flexible and comfortable mattresses have quickly become widely used all over the world, and for a good reason. The daybed futon mattresses contain no cotton and they are made entirely of foam, ranging in thickness anywhere from two or three inches to as much as 8 inches, which is the average thickness for a single twin mattress.

These mattresses are typically made with commercial grade foam designed to last for at least 10 years of continuous use, they are perfect not only for lounging and sitting but also for an occasional nap and they are very easy to wash and vacuum.

Besides this, another reason why many daybed owners have decided to invest their money in futon mattresses is simply that they are very economically priced. Most of them feature a high-density foam core that works with or without a headboard, offers enough support for sitting and sleeping, and also prevents the hollowing of the mattress over the years.

Final Review: Finding Your Best Daybed Mattress

To sum it all up, no matter if you have a daybed in your living room or on your balcony, this piece of furniture is only as good as its mattress, this is why it is crucial to take your time and to make the best decision. It is important to make sure that the mattress is not only durable, comfortable and healthy but that it also fits the frame of your daybed.

Moreover, it is important to also take into account the situation when you will need to use the trundle bed, as this allows you to turn your day bed into a full size king bed in an instant.

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