The Top Choices for Best Mattresses for the Elderly

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Many aspects of choosing mattresses for the elderly are the same as choosing a mattress for anyone.

There are critical differences that can change the decision-making process.

The seniors are weak and need good sleep to increase their life spun.

Elders who sleep on good mattresses tend to live longer than the others. It is, therefore, necessary to know the best mattress for the elderly.

Seniors are likely to be suffering from pain.

The choice of a mattress needs to consider this pain as a primary aspect of the decision. Seniors are also likely to be lighter sleepers so choose a mattress that allows for a night of uninterrupted night sleep.

The positions favored by the elderly sleeper are important when considering the firmness of the mattress.

Side sleepers need a medium firm mattress that is relatively thick. A mattress that is too firm will put strain on the shoulders and hips which can contribute to pain in the shoulders, hips, neck or back.

Then weight of the person in the bed is also a very important consideration.

The bigger the person, the firmer the mattress.

A person over 200 pounds needs a firmer mattress. A person over 200 pounds who sleeps on their side will need to look for a thick and comparatively firm mattress.

Top 3 Choices for the Best Mattresses for Elderly Sleepers

Plush Beds 10″ Medium Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress

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This Plush Beds latex mattress is available in the full variety of sizes. Right from twin to split California king. There is a Joma Wool barrier between the latex portion of the mattress and the sleeper. This helps with regulation of body temperature.

Many seniors have trouble keeping warm, especially while sleeping. The wool barrier can be really helpful to those who find their sleep is disturbed by feeling too cold.

The mattress itself is made of natural, organic latex in three different layers of firmness. These individual layers are adjustable so by unzipping the mattress cover the layers can be rearranged.

Change the order the layers are piled and that changes the firmness of the mattress. This can be changed over time as the needs of the elderly sleeper change, or adjusted upon initial set up to individual tastes and requirements.

The range for firmness is from medium to medium firm. A sleeper who weighs less or one who sleeps on their back or front may choose the medium firmness.

Medium – firm is a better choice for side sleepers, those who change positions frequently or those who weigh more, especially over 200 pounds.

Latex is an excellent choice as the mattress is highly responsive to the curves in the body which helps reduce shoulder, hip and back pain.

We like the wool barrier, the adjustable firmness from medium to medium – firm and the comfortable latex construction.

We recommend the Plush Beds 10″ Medium Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress for seniors who have trouble staying warm at night and for anyone who believes that the needs of the elderly sleeper in terms of firmness may change over time.

Zinus Ultima Comfort Top Spring Mattress

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Also available are 4 different thicknesses from 8 inches to 13 inches. We are specifically recommending the 12 inch thickness for the elderly. This mattress makes the elderly comfortable and feel as good as the young.

This hybrid mattress by Zinus includes comfortable foam and the structure of hundreds of individual coils. These 7 1/2 inch iCoils provide additional stable support for the shoulders and hips.

The iCoils minimize motion transfer making this an ideal option for anyone sharing a bed and still wanting uninterrupted sleep.

The 3 layers of memory foam include 2 layers of comfort foam which is designed to relieve pressure points. The third layer is a higher density foam which provides additional support.

The foam used is called BioFoam which is manufactured with natural plant oil. CertiPUR certifies the foam, so you can be sure it meets strict requirements.

This all adds up to keeping the elderly sleeper’s back, neck, shoulder, and hips in alignment and pressure-free. The addition of the coils makes a more stable base for fewer sleep interruptions.

We like this Zinus mattress for anyone who shares a bed or who finds their night sleep is often interrupted.

Best Price Mattress 11″ Memory Foam Gel Infused Mattress

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The Best Price Memory Foam Mattress is available in the four major mattress sizes, twin, full, queen and king. It is also available in two thicknesses of 9 and 11 inches. We are recommending the 11 inch thickness for seniors.

The thicker memory foam mattresses tend to feel more comfortable but they also leave more room for the foam to respond to and adjust to the curves of the body. This creates better alignment and therefore less chance of pain.

This mattress by Best Price has what they call their Sleep Cool Layering System.

A base layer of 7 1/2 inch high density foam is the base support. Added then is a 2 inch ventilated comfort foam with a 1 1/2 inch thick layer memory foam that has been infused with gel.

The 2 inches of comfort foam is designed to relieve pressure points and improve comfort. The gel infused foam is an open cell structure with thousands of gel beads. The airflow is improved and the sleeper is kept cool and refreshed.

The cover is a knitted poly- Jacquard with piping made of satin, but we like the non slip bottom best. A mattress sliding off the bedframe is troublesome when a caregiver is helping an elderly person into or out of bed.

We like the Sleep Cool Layering system and specifically recommend the The Best Price Memory Foam Mattress with the gel infused layer forseniors who are too warm at night, or who would like to reduce air conditioning costs.

Things You Need To Consider When Buying Mattresses for the Elderly

When looking for a mattress specifically for the elderly sleeper it is important to keep in mind the normal aspects of sleep position and the weight of the individual.

Also consider if the senior needs help with temperature regulation, sleep interruption or pain management.

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