The Best Mattress For Festivals You Need to Get

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Festivals represent a great opportunity to have fun, tie new friendships, and meet your idols. However, the reason why most people avoid going to festivals or prefer to delay the moment for future years is related to a lack of money. When putting everything head to head, the costs can go into thousands even for a few days of having fun (even that translates to unforgettable memories).

However, there is a way of cutting costs while still having a decent place for rest and for your needs.

We know that most people say that they can do well even without sleep for a few days just to see their favorite artists performing live, but that is by no means a good or healthy idea. In order to be in your best state and to enjoy the music as much as you want, you need at least 6 hours of sleep per 24 hours.

This will help clear your mind and heal your ears after several hours of loud music and light shows, along with other time-consuming energies. Furthermore, a good sleep will ensure that you have as much energy as you need, and that you are not hungry very often.

But, how is it possible to get a good sleep when most good hotels are situated several kilometers away from the festival and are very expensive to book? Perhaps the best idea is to look for a festival camping area or a non-furnished room in proximity of the festival.

This way you will have access to toilets and showers as needed, and a place where you can unpack your bags and change into new clothes. But in order to get a quality sleep, you will need something more: a mattress.

Fortunately, festival mattresses are easy to inflate and lightweight, so you can carry them with you without stress. Here are our recommendations when it comes to choosing the best mattress for festivals:

1. Inflatable Lounger by Intex

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If you are generally dissatisfied with how tough is to inflate normal mattresses, then you will certainly be pleased with this model.

It takes under a minute and no pump to inflate it, and it’s very comfortable to sit on. Furthermore, this model is truly resistive regardless whether placed on grass, asphalt or hardwood.

Most users report having a quality sleep or nap thanks to this model. Some even chose to take it to a nearby outdoor pool and take a relaxing sunbath while floating away.

And the colors are truly magnificent and will definitely receive appreciation from your friends. Finally, this model is very small and lightweight when deflated, and it even comes with a storage pouch from textile material. There is no reason to not check it out, especially since it’s on discount right now.

2. Chillax Quick Inflate Mattress

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If you are looking for something that feels like cloud nine, then this product may be exactly what you need. This mattress is very roomy, comfortable and feels pleasant to the touch.

Moreover, you can inflate it in about 40 seconds just by dragging it around in the air. Therefore, carrying a dedicated mattress pump is no longer required, and you can focus on a healthy sleep even when you are surrounded by nature and party people.

It’s also worthy to note that the Chillax air bed comes with a carry bag, a hidden compartment for your goods, and even a bottle opener.

Therefore, you can even invite your friends to sit on it for some chit-chat or snacks, when you are not sleeping. The mattress is very resistant and it suffers from no damage from rain, wind or drops.

3. 3D Psychedelic Air Mattress

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In case you found an unfurnished room or a very big tent to rent for the festivals, then this is one of the most comfortable air mattresses to take into account. It benefits from a very pleasant visual effect, and even has room for 2, in case you decide to sleep on it with your lover or best friend.

This air mattress is handcrafted and designed in such a manner as to never slide, even when placed on a hardwood floor. It is definitely very relaxing to sleep on and offers similar conditions to hotel beds, so there is no reason not to give it a try.

These are the top most comfortable mattresses for festivals. They will definitely help you relax and rest your body, all for less than a quarter of the cost requested by hotels in the festival period.

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