What Is The Best Mattress For Menopause

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Menopause is a natural phenomenon of a woman’s life cycle. It’s the time where the estrogen and progesterone levels go haywire. There are a number of symptoms of menopause, hot flashes and night sweat is the most common ones.

This disrupts your sleep and can also develop into erratic sleeping patterns in some cases. It is time to replace your mattress. The mattress is an important factor here as you are laying approximately half your body surface on a mattress, which could cause serious heat retention, and could further aggravate your discomfort.

There are certain materials that you should avoid like soft surface memory foam as they envelop your body and retains the heat. Look out for synthetic fiber as well. They don’t let your body breathe.

Always opt for a mattress in breathable fiber materials. Advances have been made towards creating a foam technology that counters this effect. Latex or latex hybrid mattresses are great choices as they don’t retain heat and are inherently cool.


Menopause is no walk in the park. Your body goes through hormonal changes that trigger mood swings, irregular periods, night sweats, erratic sleep patterns, just to name a few. But don’t let it scare you.

Small adjustments like a right mattress, good food, exercise, breathable clothes can make this transition an easier one. The following mattresses are picked out primarily on the basis of the cooling effect it has with a special focus on the comfort it allows.

1. Avocado Green Mattress

It is made up of natural Dun-lop latex that is cool by nature and is additionally supported by 3 zones pocketed coil system, which ensures great airflow and cooling.

It has a medium-firm feel, body support core, and body contouring.

The Joma Wool cover is soft knit that doesn’t retain heat and keeps the mattress cool.

The spring and latex materials of this mattress are perhaps the best materials to keep the mattress cool by allowing airflow. It not only sleeps cool but is also Eco-friendly.

Avocado Green Mattress figures number one on our list of mattresses for menopause because it has amazing features.

2. Leesa Mattress

It offers one of the best all-around foam mattresses.

The top layer is Avana foam which is a great alternative for latex foam. It provides cooling, comfort, and great bounce. It also lasts longer than the traditional latex foam.

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Leesa is also a type of hybrid foam mattress which optimizes certain desirable qualities and reduces the undesirable ones.

The top Avana foam layer ensures the airflow thus keeping the mattress cool and the next two layers ensure the support and comfort of the user.

Besides it cooling capacity, this mattress is made and shipped in the USA which means you will get the maximum value out of this deal as it cuts a lot of middlemen from the equation.

3. Purple Mattress

The last mattress to figure on our list is the Purple mattress. Sure, it is purple in color, just as the name suggests. But it is more than just that. This mattress is also layered with different materials to perform different functions.

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The topmost layer is the cover which is a blend of polyester, viscose, and Lycra. This layer is soft and breathable that allows a lot of room for airflow which helps to keep the mattress cool.

This layer is supported by the comfort layer and the base layer which ensure solid support and comfortable sleep on this mattress.

Purple mattress uses smart grid’ technology to keep things cool and relieve the joint pressures as well. This mattress is slightly different from the traditional ones as it is not as firm.

But that does not mean that this is by any means soft. It just depends on what do you prefer personally.

Tips On Choosing The Top Mattress When Menopause Happens

There are few features in all these mattresses that are common. The most obvious being the cooling effect.

The other was the fact that all these mattresses are made up of hybrid materials. This is to ensure that you get the optimum benefits from a mattress and can avoid the negative effect.

Taking this point further, you must have noticed that all these mattresses are made up of environment-friendly materials that in turn ensures a positive impact on not only the eco-system but on the user as well. Note that all these mattresses are made and delivered in the USA which means you get the best deal and value out of their purchase.

Along with the cooling effect, all these three mattresses have a firm support system to eliminate any further stress on your body and to ensure a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

More tips

After all, sleep has a direct effect on your health and performance; and is doubly important during menopause where your body is already under great duress.

Cool and comfortable sleep is just one aspect to take care of during menopause. As the symptoms and the severity of symptoms vary from woman to woman, the need will also differ. For this, you need to figure out what is your priority when looking for a mattress.

For instance, not all women have a problem with night sweats- for them, it could body and joint pains.

For them, priority in any mattress would be the support and comfort not cooling effect. Also, there are other aspects of bedding to consider as well. What kind of pillow do you want? The kind of sheets? Are they breathable?

What kind of blankets do you want to use? Do you even need to use them? So in the end, everything boils down to one thing- what is the problem that you want the solution to?

Keep all these aspects in mind while buying a mattress for menopause and you will definitely have a smoother transition during this period. Have a happy sleep. Good Night and sweet dreams!

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