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Commonly referred to as bed sores or decubitus ulcers, pressure sores are anything but uncommon these days and they occur due to the uneven body weight distribution across the surface of the mattress. Pressure ulcers appear in people who spend a lot of time in bed, but the good news is that they can be easily prevented or treated by simply choosing the best mattress for bed sores.

When the blood supply to a certain area of the body becomes impaired, pressure sores start to occur. This often happens in areas where bones are close to the skin surface, that’s why the heels, the tailbone and the hips are more predisposed to developing pressure sores. Addressing this problem as quickly as it arises is vital, otherwise the skin and surrounding tissue start to die, thus resulting in an open wound that is prone to infections.

1. The LUCID 16-inch Plush Memory Foam And Latex Mattress

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Made and sold by LUCID, this is a 16-inch thick plush memory foam and latex mattress that is the perfect choice for alleviating and preventing pressure sores. Both natural rubber and memory foam are known for their state of the art support and comfort that support correct spinal alignment and efficient blood flow, and this mattress combines “the best of both worlds”.

Available in a queen size and made with certified CertiPUR-US foam, this mattress comes with a 25 year limited warranty provided by the manufacturer and it features four different layers of foam that are perfectly blended together for an unparalleled pressure point relief.

The first level, also known as the comfort layer, is made of a one-inch thick bamboo charcoal infused memory foam, that is widely known for its efficient thermal regulation properties. Right under it, there is a light memory foam layer that adds to the comfort and support of the natural latex, thus offering a great orthopedic support and pressure relief.

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The mattress is suitable not only for those who suffer or have suffered from pressure sores, but also from back, neck, hip and shoulder pain.

In addition to this, the mattress is safe both for you and for the surrounding environment, as it is highly resistant to both dust mites and allergens. The mattress does not contain any mercury, lead, phthalates, ozone depleters or any other chemical that may impact the quality of the indoor air.

In addition to the generous comfort layers, the mattress also features a 10-inch thick high density base foam that offers a high-quality, durable, efficient and reliable body support and that also aids the even body weight distribution throughout the surface of the mattress. The mattress features an advanced open cell technology designed to prevent long lasting body impressions as well.

2. The Sleep Innovations Gel Swirl Memory Foam

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This is a 12-inch thick gel swirl memory foam mattress available in a queen size. Made and sold by the reputable Sleep Innovations mattress manufacturer, this product offers a high-quality sleeping and resting experience due to the premium quality memory foam that is efficient combined with cooling gel of the highest quality, thus offering a comfortable sleep temperature, a great body support and a high degree of overall comfort.

The mattress features a three-layer design, where the top comfort layer is made of a two-inch thick memory foam swirled with gel, the second one is made of air channel foam and measures 2.5 inches in thickness while the support foam measures 8 inches in thickness and adds to the general comfort and supportiveness of the mattress.

This mattress is perfect for pressure point relief as it comes with a medium-firm level of comfort, and it has outstanding therapeutic properties that not only prevent ulcerations but also ensure a correct spinal alignment, which means that it prevents body pain and aches triggered by the uneven body weight distribution.

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The advanced technology embedded in this Sleep Innovations mattress is yet another aspect that adds to its popularity and efficacy, as it combines the best features of both the gel and the memory foam. Classic foam is known to retain heat and this leads to tossing and turning during the night, but the gel foam is cool, pleasant to the touch and very comfortable, given the significantly increased airflow.

The mattress is specifically designed to contour around your body and to ensure a correct sleep temperature, it is very durable in the long run, it retains its shape and characteristics and it also speeds up muscle recovery. Moreover, this mattress is also the perfect choice in case of co-sleeping, as it also aims to minimize the impact of the sleep partner’s movements during the night.

The mattress comes with a 20-year limited warranty provided by the manufacturer, it comes with a poly cotton cover that can be easily machine- or hand-washed, and it is also designed to meet all the federal flammability open flame standards (the 16 CFR Part 1633 requirements).

3. The Bio Sleep Concept Organic Wool Mattress

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It is a known fact that when it comes to open wounds and pressure sores, comfort and supportiveness play a very important role. One of the materials that are perfect for pressure sore-relieving mattresses is organic wool, which is naturally hypoallergenic and highly resistant to mildew, mold and dust mites.

The wool is made in the United States of America, it is durable and efficient and it has not been treated with any chemicals or additives that can take their toll on the health of the sleeper.

How To Choose The Best Mattress For Bed Sores?

Not only are pressure sores very distressing and painful, but they can also be very dangerous in the long run. These ulcerations are very hurtful when you lie or sit on them, and they can be easily infected if germs enter the wound, thus leading to sepsis which is life-threatening. Treating the pressure sores is possible, but it takes a series of preventive measures, and opting for a good mattress is only one of them.

That being said, it is important to firstly become familiar with the most efficient types of mattress materials designed to both heal and prevent the formation of other decubitus ulcers: the non-powered gel, the air mattress overlays or the memory foam mattress are only some of them.

1. Look For Pressure Relieving Foam

Pressure relieving foam is one of the best materials for treating decubitus ulcers, given its open cell construction that reduces pressure and efficiently disperses the weight of the user. Two of the most efficient pressure relieving mattress foams on the market are the viscoelastic foam and the latex foam, both of which are durable, efficient and cost-effective. They are also suitable for addressing all types of sores and ulcerations triggered by pressure points.

In spite of the fact that this material is great for relieving pressure, the viscoelastic foam alone can become very hot during the summer nights, this is why it is commonly combines with cool gel for the best results. If you have decided to invest in this type of mattress, then make sure it offers an even and efficient pressure relief – this can be achieved only by opting for a very high density foam, ideally four to five pounds per square foot.

2. Genuine Sheepskin Wool

There are two types of sheepskin wool mattresses available on the market: the genuine (natural) ones and the synthetic ones. It is highly recommended to always opt for the natural genuine sheepskin wool if you are looking for an efficient pressure relieving mattress.

The mechanism of action of these natural wool fibers is very simple: thick yet very soft at the same time, the fibers ensure an efficient body weight and pressure point distribution, they wick away the moisture from the skin surface, they reduce skin tearing and friction and they stay cool during the hot summer nights and warm during the cold winter.

3. Look For Gel And Foam Combinations

As mentioned above, mattresses that use a combination of viscoelastic memory foam and cool gel basically offer the best of both worlds. These mattresses feature three to four different layers of material, which is particularly useful for distributing the body weight and for relieving the pressure around the bony prominences, such as the hips, the tailbones or the heels.

That being said, these mattresses come with a very soft low friction surface, and they are also very breathable and cool. Available in a plethora of different thicknesses, sizes and comfort levels, the gel and memory foam mattresses are durable, cost-effective and designed to minimize the motion transfer, thus being suitable for co-sleeping.

4. Air Pressure Beds

Last, but not least, air beds are commonly regarded as temporary bedding solution for guests or for car camping, but they are commonly used for relieving pressure sores and ulcerations. The reason – their comfort level can be easily adjusted with the touch of a button, ranging anywhere from extra soft to extra firm.

With that in mind, air pressure beds feature rows of air cells that alternately inflate and deflate, thus allowing the user to select the area where he needs more/less support. These mattresses come with an electric motor that automatically inflates and deflates the mattress whenever needed, within several minutes. Very lightweight and considerably more affordable than memory foam mattresses, air beds are a great choice for those who spend a lot of time in bed.

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