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You might not know it but there are actually different kinds of mattresses sometimes made for specific people. Runners or even athletes for that matter will need to recover their muscles quickly before their next workout or training.

Luckily for them, there are a few brands that actually make the best mattresses for runners to help with muscle recovery and more..

Here they are:

Amerisleep Revere 12” Natural Memory Foam Mattress

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If you have been researching about beds and mattresses, then you may have heard of the Celliant technology. Incorporated in almost every Amerisleep mattress, this Celliant tech was said to benefit anyone who needs to recover their muscles quickly and enable them to fall asleep a lot easier. Another key factor that Amerisleep have is their high-end memory foam mattresses. If focuses on giving sleepers support and relaxation that greatly helps in keeping their spine aligned while they sleep.

Revere 12” by Amerisleep specifically has a 3” Bio-Put memory foam layer that helps cools our bodies while its 7” Bio-Core provides the support. It is definitely one of those high-end brands that definitely give you high-end quality as well. Since it does, you can expect that it would cost more than the average memory foam mattress but you will definitely get what your money is worth especially if you are a runner.

Bear Mattresses

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On the more popular side of mattresses for runners, if you have heard of Celliant technology then you should have heard about the Bear Mattresses. Unlike Amerisleep, Bear Mattresses really put their focus on making mattresses for runners and athletes in general.

Regarding the Celliant technology, science has proven that this enhances tissue oxygen levels that makes significantly increases sleep quality.

Their beds would usually have 4 layers of foam. This includes 1-inch Graphite Gel, 2.5 inches of Quick Response Foam replacing the usual latex and helps in spin alignment, and 6.5 inches of breathable support foam.

Compared to any other foams Bear Mattresses cools as much as 7 times faster.

This is not to say that this only good for runners. In fact, most of the reviews you can find online are from people who just want to sleep a lot better and finding that possible with Bear Mattresses.

The athletes who gave their comments even mention that their usual back and neck pain would be relieved after a good night’s sleep on their mattresses.

If you decide on getting on a Bear Mattress, it may take a while for runners and athletes to get used to it.

Not everyone prefers memory foam in the first place, but that is what makes Bear Mattresses great. It can make people fall in love with memory foam, or rather, at least ones by Bear Mattresses.

Although Amerisleep and Bear Mattresses do feature a lot of things, do not expect it to look too extravagant compared to other mattresses. You get all of the benefits from either of the two mentioned while getting a very minimalistic mattress.

Besides, beds are made for your comfort and not just your eyes.

Finding the Best Mattress For You

Although these mattresses were made for runners and athletes, not all runners will want to have them. In fact, not too many people give much thought when buying a new mattress. More often than not, as long as they can sleep on it properly and it’s cheap, then it’s good to go. For people who choose their mattress, however, this can maximize the benefits of a good sleep by getting the right mattress for you. After all, you will basically just need to be well-rested before doing any kind of strenuous activities.

1. Find your firmness

There is no “perfect” firmness. Contrary to the common notion that the softest mattress would mean the best mattress, it is actually more of a personal preference depending on the one who will sleep on it.

People sleep on their side would prefer medium to soft firmness. On the other hand, those who sleep on their back or on their stomach would tend to choose firmer mattresses.

Why not get one that can adjust the firmness? That can also be an option but they will obviously cost a lot more. This would be perfect for families, couple, or generally anyone who does not sleep in their bed alone.

2. There are different kinds of mattresses

The best mattress can be made of different things and can make a big difference.

As mentioned earlier, adjustable mattresses fit perfectly for those with back problems as some may even an offer a massage like vibration.

Pillow-top mattresses are the softest and the cushiest and would fit one who still agrees with the common notion. Opposite to the pillow-top, Coil mattresses offer a firm support for your body especially those who love sleeping on the edge.

They also arguably last the longest. Mattresses with Memory Foam conforms to the shape of your body providing support to every part of it. Latex foam mattresses are simply bouncy and are very cool.

Last but not the least, there are hybrid mattresses that combine both latex and memory foam. This mattress is what appeals to most and could be the perfect one for couples.

3. Sometimes, the brand doesn’t matter

Getting a cheap mattress does not automatically mean getting a bad one.

Although in some cases it does, there are times when cheaper alternatives to a branded one can be the bang for the buck.

The branding of the mattresses usually is responsible for the high price especially knowing they are the monopoly in the mattress business. However, doing a little more research on other smaller companies can pay off big time.

Not only does it save money, but it also helps the company grow by buying from them.

4. Know exactly what you want

People can almost expect sales talk to happen anywhere.

After all, it is a part of a business. Those buying mattresses could expect the salesperson to talk them into buying extra add-ons like mattress covers, mattress pads, mattress sheets and etc.

The problem with this is that it might not be what you wanted. Unless you are sure of these add-ons, it is better to save for it next time. It is also advisable to buy everything that can come with the mattress separately.

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