The Best Mattress For Warm Climate Areas

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One of the most important aspects customers pay attention to when investing in a brand new mattress is the degree of comfort it provides, and part of this comfort is provided by the optimal balance between the temperature of the mattress and that of the body. Different materials have different heat retention abilities, this is why it is vital to make sure that you choose the best mattress for warm climate, otherwise your night’s sleep won’t be as restful as you would expect it to be.

Ideally, a mattress for warm climate features an advanced cooling technology that will regulate the temperature transfer and keep your body cold during the hot summer nights and warm during the winter months. Plant-based and gel-infused memory foams are the best materials in this case, as they have a very low gassing rate, a great response time and an increased durability and resistance to tearing over the years.

1. The Dynasty Mattress New Cool Breeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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Available in a queen size, 12-inch thick mattress, the Dynasty Mattress New Cool Breeze is made of an exquisite combination of both gel and memory foam that will prevent heat and perspiration retention.

This mattress has an advanced three layer construction that is comprised as follows: the first layer is made of a three inch thick gel foam, the second one measures four inches in thickness and is made of cool airflow foam support while the support base is made of high density foam that is very resilient and that measures 5 inches in thickness. All these layers of high-quality gel and foam are guaranteed to ensure you a cool night’s sleep.

The mattress measures 80 inches in length, 60 inches in width and 12 inches in height, and the foam that was used for building it is CertiPUR-US certified, which means that it is environmentally friendly and does not contain any dangerous chemicals that may put your health at risk. The mattress also comes with a luxurious white cover that is very pleasant to the touch – the cover is zippered, it is entirely washable and it also acts as an efficient natural fire barrier.

2. The LUCID Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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This is a state of the art mattress that features both memory foam and ventilated gel – measuring 12 inches in thickness, this mattress is made of ventilated gel foam with a density of four pounds per square goot, it is 100% CertiPUR-US certified and it also comes with a 25 year limited warranty offered by LUCID. The mattress comes in a queen size and it has a silver infused cover that makes it very cool to the touch.

The top layer, commonly known as the comfort layer is made of a two-inch thick gel and memory foam combination and it also features a two-inch support foam. The base of the mattress, on the other hand, is made of high density foam that measures 8 inches in thickness. What makes this LUCID mattress particularly suitable for very warm climates is the fact that it is infused with high-quality gel beads designed to catch and evenly distribute the heat, thus offering you a cooler and more restful night’s sleep.

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The gel infused memory foam layer has been previously ventilated during the manufacturing process, to make sure the mattress is breathable and very soft to the touch. This makes it very versatile and easy to adapt to the contour of your body, it is designed to increase the airflow, to ensure a cool sleep and to regulate the temperature of your body, thus reducing tossing and turning during the night.

One of the most notable benefits of this mattress is certainly the poly cotton blended cover that is naturally infused with silver, which is known for its antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that ensure a healthy, cool and comfortable sleeping environment. That, coupled with the open cell technology used for the memory foam increases the air flow and supports a correct blood flow throughout the body.

Like most LUCID mattresses, this one also comes with a 25 year limited warranty provided by the manufacturer that protects the mattress against any and all manufacturer’s defects. The mattress has been CertiPUR-US tested, it is environmentally friendly and it does not contain any heavy metals, mercury, ozone depleters or prohibited phthalates of any kind.

The mattress features a four-pound density memory foam and it is made of 94% polyester, 5% spandes, 0.9% cotton an 0.1% silver fiber. The mattress also features the exclusive LUCID-gel formula memory foam that traps the heat and keeps your body cool at night.

3. The Sleep Innovations SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress

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This mattress by Sleep Innovations measures 12 inches in thickness and it consists of Sure Temp memory foam which, as the name suggests, is specifically designed to trap the heat and to keep your body cool at night. The mattress comes with a 20-year limited warranty and it is available in a queen size that consists of two distinct layers.

The first layer measures 2.5 inches in thickness and it features breathable Sure Temp memory foam, while the second layer measures 9.5 inches in thickness and it consists of responsive support foam. These two layers combined offer a full body support that prevent heat from building up, thus allowing you to experience a great, cool and very comfortable night’s sleep.

The mattress is available in different levels of comfort that vary from medium soft to medium firm, and the high-quality, exquisite Sure Temp Memory Foam is designed to prevent heat retention and to address the sleep disturbances that occur throughout the evening. The open cell memory foam is widely used for mattresses designed for warmer climates, given their increased ability to “trap” the heat and to regulate the heat difference between your body and the mattress.

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The advanced foam technology supports a correct and unrestrained airflow throughout the mattress, thus helping you enjoy a custom sleeping experience. The mattress has some health benefits as well, given the fact that it is specifically designed to improve muscle recovery and to keep your spine properly aligned, thus removing the risk for any aches or pains. It is the therapeutic ability coupled with the high degree of comfort provided by this mattress that makes it stand out from the croud.

The memory foam that was used by this mattress is highly resistant to dust mites and allergens, it is designed to reduce the frequency of mid sleep awakenings by simply relieving the pressure points and it also aims to add extra support exactly around the body areas that require it.

This mattress is entirely made in the United States of America, it is antimicrobial and it comes with a 20-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. The mattress measures 80 inches in length, 60 inches in width and 12 inches in thickness and it weighs little over 90 pounds. It comes with a poly cotton cover, and it can be used either with a foundation or a special bed frame or directly on the bare floor.

4. The ABRIPEDIC Royal Queen Mattress Made With Cool Gel Memory Foam Topper

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This is a 2.5-inch thick cool gel memory foam mattress that is 100% CertiPUR-US certified and comes with a 25 year limited warranty provided by ABRIPEDIC against all manufacturer’s defects. The mattress has a pleasant and firm feel and it guarantees the ultimate softness and luxury, it measures 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width and it also comes with a soft, washable cover.

The mechanism of action of this ABRIPEDIC mattress is relatively simple and straightforward, given the fact that it relies on the same combination of gel formula and memory foam that has been previously infused with gel beads that aim to capture and evenly distribute the heat across the surface of the mattress, thus ensuring an unmatchable air flow and an efficient pressure point relief that addresses neck, shoulder, head and back pain.

Another notable benefit of this mattress is the fact that it is very resistant not only to mold and mildew, but also to bacteria, microbes, allergens and dust mites. The mattress is designed to ensure a healthy, comfortable and cool sleeping environment, even when used in a hot climate.

How To Choose The Best Mattress For Warm Climate

There are several key factors that determine whether the mattress you have chosen is suitable for the warm climate you live in, or not. In addition to the materials that were used when making the mattress, the fabric that is located on the top of the mattress is extremely important as well. Some of the fabrics are designed to trap and retain the extra heat, thus keeping you very cool in summer, while others are not. It is highly recommended to opt for natural fibers, ideally cotton.

However, cotton covers or top mattress layers can turn out to be quite expensive, and if you are on a very tight budget yet you do not want to make any compromise in terms of comfort or health, then it is better to focus on a cover made from bamboo fibers. Bamboo has great insulating properties as well, and it is designed to support the natural ventilation and air flow throughout the mattress, thus preventing the formation of mold or mildew.

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This is one of the best natural materials, due to its outstanding wicking properties that draw the moisture away from your body and trap it, and this is what prevents you from sweating during the night. Besides this, another notable benefit of the bamboo fibers is that they are perfect for those who suffer from intense allergies, as it is naturally hypoallergenic and it has not been treated with any dangerous chemicals whatsoever.

On the other hand, when it comes to the material that the mattress is made of, it must be said that gel infused memory foam or the plant based technology tend to be the best ones for warmer climates, and for a good reason. Both of these outstanding materials are great for dissipating the heat a lot faster and more efficient than the traditional foam, and part of their benefits is due to the open cell structure that increases the airflow and reduces the overall amount of heat.

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