Best Mattress For Watching TV In Bed

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It is, therefore, necessary for a person to look for the best comfort especially when watching their favorite shows. There was a time in history when the average household had but one TV and it was in the living room, or recreation room.

The family sat around the television on a couch upholstered with scratchy fabric and watched their favorite programs that were broadcast at specific times, once a week.

There were even commercials several times during each show. An hour or two of TV in a week and the family was off to do something else because there was just nothing more to watch.

Well, except that dad always stayed up to watch the news at 11 o’clock.

Now in most homes, there are several TVs. And most people watch a lot more TV than before. Nobody is interested in sitting on those uncomfortable couches so TVs in the bedroom have become more and more common.

Best Mattress For Watching TV In Bed

Watching TV from bed can get mighty uncomfortable too. Craning your neck or twisting to see the screen do not create the comfy atmosphere that we were hoping for when we crawled into a snuggly bed with a bowl of popcorn to check out the Netflix queue.

The first suggestion to make TV watching in bed more comfortable is an adjustable bed.

I know, it brings up images of ugly, nasty metal hospital beds and those never were even slightly comfortable.

But now there are really quite attractive, reasonably priced adjustable bed frames that make watching TV in bed a thing of beauty.

You can raise your head, or your feet, or both. They work with any mattress, so you still need to find the right mattress for your comfort. Check this one out.

Choice number one

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It can be assembled in 5 minutes, the head and foot incline, it has a wireless remote, and 2 USB charging stations. And itis cute. So start there. Get an adjustable bed frame.

But the frame will not do it all, of course. You still need a super comfy mattress. Here are three to consider.

Memory Foam Mattress – Memory foam mattresses have been winning every contest for comfort for a long time.

By supporting the body and not creating pressure points Memory Foam Mattresses not only are comfortable, they can also help reduce pre-existing pain.

This model comes in 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inches thick. Generally, the thicker foam is softer but the thinnerones don’t stop being comfortable.

Each layer above the base is softer.

This model was chosen as one of the Top 10 Best Memory Foam Mattresses in 2017 by Choose Mattress.

Not expensive like others on the list it offers incredible value and superb comfort.

And the Green tea thing is just so cool. The memory foam is infused with green tea extract to maintain freshness, because the green tea is an anti -oxidant.

Choice number two

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Latex Mattress – Latex mattresses have been comparing well with the comfort of memory foam.

In fact, Latex ties or has started to exceed memory foam in ratings for satisfaction lately. 80-85% of owners are reporting satisfaction with Latex mattresses, which makes it one of the two most comfortable types of mattresses, statistically speaking at least.

Latex mattresses offer resilient support relieving pressure points and alleviating pain.

Latex is the only kind of foam that is considered to be completely hyper allergenic.

If you have any environmental allergies, stick with a latex mattress. It will be at least as comfy as the memory foam, but the hyper – allergenic thing is a real bonus.

This one has different firmness on each side of one mattress.

One side is firmer than the other. If you feel the need for a softer or firmer bed, just flip the mattress. A hyper -allergenic, two firmness latex mattress.

Hard to beat that.

Choice number three

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Hybrid Mattresses – A hybrid mattress is when different materials are used in different layers.

The benefits of each type of material add up to make an even more comfortable mattress.

This Hybrid mattress has latex for the quick bouncy responsiveness that forms the basis of the comfort in the top layer.

A memory foam layer then creates the cozy, heavier comfort.

High quality steel individually wrapped coils isolate movement so bed partners are not disturbed when the other one moves.

This unique hybrid using the 3 common mattress types creates a spectacularly comfortable mattress for watching TV.

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To decide what mattress will be most comfortable for you there are a few things you can keep in mind.

If you are a side sleeper, get one of the thicker mattresses.

Side sleepers will need at least an 8 inch thick mattress and more like 12 inches is often desirable, if possible.

The bigger the person the thicker the mattress, too.

A side sleeper who weighs over 200 pounds needs a 12 to 14 inch thick mattress to be really comfortable.

If your TV watching is done while you lay on your side, then get the absolute thickest mattress you can find.

Check out the warranty.

Not much goes wrong with mattresses but it does give you a good idea of how long the manufacturer expects it to last.

A mattress with a 10-year warranty will usually last much longer than that, but don’t expect it to remain at peak comfort levels.

In order to be most comfortable, use the mattress only within the warranty period.

One of the best things about these latex and memory foam mattresses is how easy they are to ship anywhere.

They are vacuum packed and rolled into long, tall boxes that can easily be shipped anywhere.

They do take a few days to unroll and air out once you get them home, but after that, you are ready to go.

The Best Mattress for Watching TV In Bed

No more trying to tie a new mattress to the roof of the car!

An adjustable bed frame plus a new memory foam, latex, or hybrid mattress will make TV watching much more comfortable. Happy viewing!

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