The Top and Best Mattresses for Wooden Slatted Beds

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In order to classify a mattress as the best mattress for wooden slatted bed base, it is necessary to understand the structure related aspects of wooden slatted
bed bases, as well as the mattresses proposed to be used on them.

Wooden slatted bed bases are made from wooden planks, referred to as the slats. These slats are fairly narrow, i.e., approximately 3 to 4 inches in width. All slats of a slatted bed base are of the same length. They run across the breadth of the bed for superior strength.

Slatted bed bases can be broadly divided into

a. Bed bases with sprung slats; and

b. Bed bases with solid or fixed slats.

The slats in bed bases with sprung slats are evenly curved. The convex surface of these slats faces

This structural difference makes these bed bases more flexible when compared to bed bases that have fixed or solid slats.

Bed bases with sprung slats can be further classified as

i. Adjustable sprung
slats bed bases; and

ii. Non-adjustable sprung
slats bed bases.

Advantages of adjustable sprung slat bed bases:

a. The slats of these beds offer greater flexibility and customization because they can be positioned as needed by the individual;

b. The gaps between two adjacent curved slats leave enough room for slight expansion when there is pressure from above. Because of this spring-like function, such bed bases offer more

c. These slats also absorb the effect of partner’s
movements in the night, effectively reducing disturbance in sleep because of

d. These bed bases offer decent support to the

e. The gap in between the slats also facilitates
for better ventilation and heat reduction because of free air movement.

Coming to different types of mattresses that can be used on these slatted bed bases, the list includes:

a. Latex mattresses;

b. One-sided (no turn) spring mattresses;

c. Double-sided spring mattresses;

d. “Memory foam” mattresses.

The list, however, is not exhaustive.

More often than not, buyers prefer latex mattresses because they believe latex mattresses to be organic and environmentally friendly.

To be fair to them, some latex mattresses are indeed made from naturally obtained latex.

But there are many latex mattresses made from natural latex blended with synthetic material.

Likewise, there are latex mattresses that do not have any natural latex in
them. Latex mattresses are popular because they offer same advantages as the popular “memory foam” mattresses.

When the body’s pressure falls on “memory foam” mattress, it gets compressed.

The shape is regained when the bodyweight shifts elsewhere on the mattress. Latex mattress mimics this feature of memory foam.

However, unlike foam mattresses, latex mattresses are firmer and long lasting. In addition, they appear to be more solid as well. A big plus point for latex mattress is that it can be customized.

One sided spring mattresses are usually unsuitable for slatted bed bases.

This is because many of such mattresses do not have adequate support upholstery on their lower surface.

Therefore, the springs within the mattress rest on curved slats or even flat slats of the bed base. When there is pressure from above, it is easy for springs to slip into the gaps between the slats.

This results in lower efficiency of springs in the mattress. Such mattresses can also get damaged
faster, because prolonged usage of mattress in such condition.

In contrast, a double sided spring mattress has decent cushioning on both sides to absorb the spring’s action. This type of mattress can also be turned over periodically.

The major disadvantage of both one sided and double sided spring mattresses is that they cannot be customized.

Other features to look for in the mattresses are:

a. Durability;

b. Air circulation and breathability;

c. Temperature management technologies;

d. Comfort level

e. Elegance in design, including its weight;

f. Affordability

Any of the following three mattresses could be the best mattress for wooden slatted bed

The Best Mattresses for Wooden Slatted Beds

1. Kingsdown Passions’ “Aspiration PT Mattress”,

(King size)

This mattress is made from “gel” memory foam. However, this foam is the firmer variety. Basically, it is a special type of foam that ensures better air flow horizontally as well as vertically.

Both foam and the fabric covering it are infused with “gel technology”. The technology enables the mattress to dissipate heat, because of which it feels cooler.

This mattress comes with 9” individually “wrapped (spring) coils” inside it, which provide good support to lumbar region of the body.

These springs also reduce sleep disturbances due to motion transfer. The coils around the periphery are wrapped with 904 (Q) Tri-Zoned wrapping.

This structure of the mattress improves support around the center of the mattress.

The height of this mattress is about 14 inches.

Reasons for liking this mattress for slatted bed bases:

This is a hybrid mattress, i.e., it has springs, as well as “gel” memory foam. Therefore, it has the benefits of both types of mattresses.

Mattresses that have springs in them offer better support.

However, mattresses with one-sided springs or coils do have a drawback, i.e., their springs get trapped in the gaps that exist between the slats.

Therefore, they are not considered to be suitable for slatted bed bases.

However, this problem only occurs if the gap between two slats is more than one inch, or there is insufficient cushioning around the springs.

This mattress has adequate cushioning around springs so the drawback is overcome.

Advantage of memory foam is that it offers less resistance to the pressure, and is resilient, recovering original position.

Memory foam also tends to be durable compared to ordinary foams. A major drawback of memory foam is that it tends to retain heat.

This drawback is overcome in this mattress by using gel based technology for dissipating heat. In addition, the foam quality is firmer, and designed to facilitate better air circulation in all directions.

2. Hesstun

This one sided “spring mattress” comes with double layer pocket springs that are individually

Because of such wrapping, the springs do not get trapped in the gaps between slats of slatted bed bases.

The mattress includes a thick but highly resilient foam layer classified as “medium firm” on the top. Effectively, the springs offer support, while the foam gives comfort.

The pocket springs in this mattress are smaller in size, making it easy for them to stretch as per the body’s contour pressure.

Because of individual wrapping around the springs, the partner is not disturbed with movements. The fabric on top of this mattress is stretchable, offering little or no resistance to movements on it.

Reasons for liking this mattress for slatted bed bases:

Though this spring mattress is designed for using only on one side, there is enough cushioning in it to prevent the springs from getting trapped between the slats.

The springs of this mattress are also smaller so they help in providing the required support, without offering too much resistance.

The smaller size of the springs adds to the flexibility.

The wrappings around springs helps to absorb the movements of the partner.

3. Classic brands “Pillow-top” Innerspring

This is also a spring mattress with height of 10 inches. Its top is quilted. The innerspring coils in this mattress are made from tempered steel.

The height of these springs is 7 inches. The “13 gauge steel coil” is wrapped and further encased, so that they can change contour as needed by the person’s body.

Such pocket springs offer support and prevent the person from getting disturbed because of the movement next to them.

This mattress is of superior quality because there are two fiber layers, i.e., one above the springs, and the other below the springs.

These layers provide required cushioning. Because of the gauge of the steel springs, and the wrapping, the mattress would be highly durable.

Reasons for liking this mattress for slatted bed bases:

First and foremost, the mattress is a spring mattress, with wrappings and pockets. This means the mattress provides reasonable firmness and support to the body instead of letting it sink.

This also means that the mattress would last long. The fiber cushioning at both ends ensures that the springs do not slip into the gaps between the slats.

There is quilting that makes these mattresses look attractive, and prevent slipping. It’s cushioning is not too soft, nor too hard.

The only drawback is the overall height.

Conclusion: Best Mattresses for Wooden Slatted Beds

Bed bases and mattresses play an important role in a person’s life because they affect sleep.

Disturbed sleep can make a person irritable and too tired to work properly.

Periodically, new technologies have been added to mattresses for improving the support to the
body during sleep and keeping the body at appropriate temperatures.

But people need to be aware of existence of such technologies and their costs.

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