Best Mattresses for Couples Who Are Different Weights

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Arguably, sleeping longer, better and more restfully is the desire of every individual and choosing the right mattress for you and your significant other can have a colossal impact on the quality of your sleep. What are the best mattresses for couples?

Choosing the Best Mattresses for Couples

There is no doubt that even for the most compatible couples as it gets, choosing the best mattress for couples can be a daunting task.

Remember, sleep is an individual thing, and everything from sleep position to weight to health or age impacts the bed’s comfort. So, if you have different sleeping preferences or different weights, you should go for one that can be customized to match your needs.

The Helix Sleep is an innovative foam mattress that offers full customization while taking care of your budget. The mattress comes with a broad range of features that are meticulously integrated to offer the best quality sleep.

Apparently, the best mattress for couples is that which is tailor fitted to your particular body type, sleeping style, weight, and other personal needs to guarantee a quality night’s sleep, and Helix Sleep mattress just offers that.

  • A stunning cover

The cover of this mattress is built from 100% durable polyester material. The top piece of fabric is soft to the touch while the side panels boast a sturdier feel that protects the mattress.

Besides, this cover is quite thin with no padding for smooth flow of air. Consequently, this improves cooling while allowing you to engage directly with the micro coils and foams.

  • Comfort, firmness, and support

Helix sleep custom mattress has been designed to match your individual needs, requirements, and desires.

Remember, you are supposed to complete the company’s quiz so that the manufacturer can design a model that matches your firmness preference, cooling needs, weight, height, sleeping position, and any sleep-related issues.

So, as far as comfort, firmness, and support are concerned, Helix sleep mattress stands out.

  • Construction

The mattress is constructed from a layer of micro coils and three layers of polyfoam.

However, each mattress is tailor-made to fit your specific needs and those of your spouse. Besides, the order of the layers, density, and firmness of the mattress entirely depends on your personalized needs.

The Loom and Leaf mattress lets couples with different weights enjoy ultra-luxury foam at an unbeatable price. Engineered with high-quality materials combined with the latest cooling sleep technology, rest assured that you will enjoy sleeping on this mattress for a long time.

It comes with two comfort levels (Firm and Relaxed Firm), and you can choose one that fits your preference. Its incredible performance in motion isolation makes it the best choice for couples and side sleeper winners.

If your wife/husband is tossing and kicking on the other side, you will hardly feel the impact.

  • Ultra-luxury construction and eco-friendly materials

This bed will not off-gas in your home because it does not contain any formaldehydes, PBDE flame retardants or chemical sprays. It is constructed from four different layers, making it thicker than most standard mattresses.

The extra thickness comes in handy to offer maximum support, feel and durability.

  • The cover

The organic cotton covering of this mattress is quite breathable, soft, and has a unique textured feel, particularly along its embroidered portions.

Moreover, the natural thistle and the cooling medical grade spinal grade gel are fantastic features that spice up the overall performance of this cover.

For couples who are looking for support for their mid-section, this mattress thrives – the cover features a quilting pattern that is compact, tighter and denser towards the middle, and spread out towards the foot and head of the mattress. From the aesthetic point of view, this cover looks amazing.

The gold trim and tan side panels along its perimeter feel and look fabulous.

  • Satisfaction guarantee

The L&L memory foam mattress is made in America, and it is designed to last. It comes with a 75-day trial to test the mattress in the comfort of your home. Plus, the home set-up and nationwide delivery make it even better.

  • Firmness, feel and support

The L&L memory foam mattress can score 9 out of 10 on the firmness scale. It comes with multiple firmness levels, something which is not common in many mattresses.

When it comes to comfort, this mattress is made up of 6.5-inch of specialty foams and spinal gels that result in better comfort and better support.

Serta Perfect Memory Foam Mattress is designed to solve five sleeping problems: turning & tossing, partner movement, back support & alignment, sagging and balanced sleep temperature.

This memory foam mattress offers a luxurious sleeping experience. Its layers promote breathability, comfort, and stability while it distributes your body weight evenly and minimizes the transfer of your spouse’s movement during the night.

  • Open cell structure

This feature comes in handy to help reduce pressure points and enhances the flow of air.

Besides, the gel foam material infused with thousands of gel beads for heat dissipation, excellent pressure relief and targeted support for you and your partner.

  • The cover

Featuring a quilted cover, this memory foam mattress offers you an additional layer of softness for maximum comfort and support. From the aesthetic point of view, this beautiful cover adds flavor to your décor.

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Turning and tossing or different temperature preferences can impact the quality of your sleep and keep couples awake throughout the night.

Good news: with the products highlighted in this article, these problems can be fixed effortlessly.

Remember, it is your mattress, your money, your time and more importantly your health, so it is worth the research to ensure that you get the best bed possible.

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