Best Tips to Look After Your Mattress

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A good night’s sleep is very important after a hectic and long day.

Since an average person spends one-third part of his life sleeping, investing in a quality bed and mattress seems like a pretty good idea. Hey!

Your responsibility doesn’t end by just purchasing a quality bed.

If you want to ensure that your investment last a good amount of years, then you need to put some efforts in maintaining your mattress as well.

Your mattresses are expensive and do deserve a lot of care and attention. Your efforts will be repaid in the form of healthy, clean and peaceful place to sleep.

In this post, we’ll share some tips to help you looking after your mattress well and keep them in perfect shape so you can enjoy a hygienic and comfortable sleep every night as soon as you hit your bed.

Frame It Right

Just as you need a proper place to sleep; your mattresses also need a comfortable space to rest.

Purchase your bed frame and mattress at the same time so you don’t mismatch the size.

Both the pieces should work together in an harmonious way. Check the frame of the bed before buying a new pair of mattresses.

Whether you have queen size, king size or single bed, your mattress should go with your bed under all conditions without any lose ends.

Spin and Flip Every Season

One mistake people make throughout their life is not flipping the mattress once in every 6 months.

In fact, you’d be surprise to know that people use the same side of the mattress for over a decade without feeling the need to flip. Is that healthy?

Not at all! It is highly recommended to rotate and flip the mattress once on every 3-6 months. Flip the side and rotate the end of the mattress towards the headboard.

This will help prevent sleep wallows caused by same body weight and movement every night.

Ban Bouncing

Kids simply love bouncing on beds.

Usually, they get punishments for their naughty games, but the damage is already done and if the jumping games won’t be banned, then your mattresses might not even last a decade.

Discourage your child(ren) gymnasts as constant jumping on beds can severely damage mattresses, box springs, and even fracture the bed frames.

Use Protection

Of course, you goal is to have a sweet dream sleep, but accidents can happen anytime.

It is important to protect your mattress from messy mishappening. Water, coffee, tea or any other spills can leave stains.

Mattresses tend to absorb these spills pretty quickly, so it is important to use mattress pads as quickly as possible if anything messy happens.

Suck It Up

Regular vacuuming is a must if you want to keep your mattresses fresh and clean forever.

Remove all layers of bedding from your mattress, and use an upholstery brush to effectively vacuum the top and side surfaces of the mattress.

Regular vacuuming will removes dust pile ups, skin flakes, bed bugs and dust mites that feed on body waste.

Thoroughly vacuum mattresses when doing seasonal flips and rotations.

Clean Stains Safely

If stains occur, it is advised to use upholstery shampoo.

You can ask recommendation from your manufacturer or use any mild shampoo designed for cleaning upholstery.

You can also create your own cleaners by following the given recipe.

Put 1/4 cup of liquid dish washer detergent in a small bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of water, lime and mix the ingredients.

Stand back and see how quickly the mixture will get filled with foam. Take off the top foam layer and put on the stain on your mattress.

Rub the stain gently with the foam, using a soft brush or sponge.

Make sure you don’t wet the mattress padding beneath. Leave your mattress exposed till the stain gets completely off.

The mixture should dry out eventually giving you a cleaner and stain-free mattress.

Controlling Allergens in the Bedroom

Mattresses also collect dust and provide an open playground to dust mites.

Dust mites ate one of the major causes of allergies where there are humans, higher temperatures and humidity.

In detail, their dead body parts and feces cause allergic reactions and we are their food source. Dust mites feed on our discarded skin flakes.

It has been estimated that over 50 percent weight of a decade old mattress is caused by dust mites. If you or your family members wake up with sneezing noses and puffy eyes, it’s time to control the spread of allergens in the bedroom.

Use the following tips to fight back with dust mites, pollens and similar allergy causing creature.

Cover Your Mattresses: It is advised to use only vinyl covers that are designed to form barrier between your mattresses and mites. .

Replace All Down Products: Comforters, pillows and cushions on your bed should be made only from synthetic fibers. Use only vinyl pillow covers to encase pillows and ensure added protection.

Clean Well And More Often: Regular inspection and cleaning is only way to keep away allergens, pollens and dust mites.

Keep The Humidity Low: Most allergens die when they don’t get sufficient moisture or humidity to thrive. In humid climates, the scope of allergens increases giving you more trouble. To combat this problem, it is advised to use portable dehumidifier to reduce the humidity levels in your home. A quality humidifier will bring a different of 30% to 50%.

Keep It Cool: Dust mites thrive more in warm and humid weather. It is advised to maintain an optimum temperature in your bedroom with right HVAC system.

Focus On Spring Cleaning: Since mites grow in warm, weather, focus on cleaning your mattresses in early spring. During and vacuuming the mattress thoroughly will remove all the mites and their leavings.

Wash Bedding In Hot Water: Temperature 130 degrees F and above kill mites. So it is highly recommended to wash sheets and pillow covers weekly, and comforters every six weeks under hot flowing water.

If you really want to maintain a clean and hygienic environment in your bedroom, it is important to follow all the mattress cleaning tips mentioned above.

Looking after your mattress in the right way should help you improve the quality of sleep, as well as increase your mattresses’’ longevity.

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