Best Twin Mattress For Kids

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It is very common for parents to pay more attention to their child’s bed, bed frame, comforters, and bed sheets.

But, not everybody understands the importance of having a perfect twin mattress.

This is very unfortunate because there is no other item in a child’s bedroom that can be more important to their health than the mattress they sleep on.

Children sleep deeper and longer than adults.

Thus, choosing a proper mattress is crucial for their health, memory, stress level and attention span.

It’s an undeniable fact that a quality mattress plays an important role in allowing the child sleep deeply and comfortably.

A quality mattress will also ensure that your child wakes up with more alert and ready mind to go through the day.

Good mattresses can last for a decade or more, accompanying children through the most crucial years of their life until they grow to their adulthood.

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How to Choose the Best Twin Mattress for Kids

Give all the benefits that a good mattress has to offer, it is necessary to take into consideration several factors when buying one for your child’s bedroom.

There are many different types of mattresses that are commonly bought for kids, but not many take into account health issues when buying one for a child.

As you’ll find out, the best twin mattresses for kids come in a wide range of comfort and price levels.

This particular guide will help you understand these factors in depth so parents can make an informed choice between different types of mattresses that are popular today.

Mattress Types For Kids

Before accounting other factors when shopping for kids’ mattresses, a parent should be aware of the different kinds of basic mattress support and comfort levels.

The type of mattress support depends upon the basic construction of the mattress, whether it is filled with foam, springs, or other materials.

On the other hand, the comfort level refers to initial feel of the mattress.

Support Types

With the advent in technology, mattress manufacturers have introduced many kinds of support types.

From waterbeds to regular mattresses with air chambers, you can easily adjust the firmness to make the mattress most comfortable for your body type.

However, when it comes to choosing mattresses for kids, these factors may not be taken into consideration by parents due to lack of awareness.

As a parent, you should know that there are certain bed types that may not be comfortable for your kid’s or even good for their developing years.

For example: waterbeds and air mattress. These can be easily punctured and may not even stand up to the wear and tear for several years.

The following are the most common mattress support types suitable for children.

Innerspring Open Coil

Investing in a basic innerspring mattress is often the traditional and most safe choice for parents looking for budget-friendly mattress.

However, these kinds of mattresses are not as durable as other mattress types.

Innerspring Pocket Coil

The pocket coil mattress is relatively expensive than open coil mattress as each coil or spring is individually wrapped in the fabric.

This construction is done in a way that coils do not share the load and can contour better. .

Memory Foam

Developed by NASA, memory foam caters the need for a foam material that has the capability to mould a person’s body and spring back to the normal shape.

In fact, investing in high-density memory foam will also ensure high level of comfort, keeping the body warm.

Latex Foam

This is another type of foam mattress that has been around for a very long time. It makes a good alternative for latex rubber foam.

Natural latex rubber foam mattresses are very expensive, which is why many manufacturers have started making mattresses from synthetic latex rubbers.

However, synthetic materials can pose some risks, so it is better to invest in latex foam mattresses for better comfortability and good support for growing children.


Originated in Japan, Futon mattresses are thicker than traditional Futon. These mattresses are filled with natural fibers for better comfort.

Best part is that these can be easily rolled when not in use.

Mattress Comfort Levels

Mattresses comfort levels range from very soft to very firm.

Modern mattress manufacturers have a number of different ways and technologies to achieve different comfort levels.

These comfort levels range on the spectrum from ultra plush to extra firm.

It should be noted that a plush mattress supports the spine just as well as any firm mattress.

A good mattress should provide the right amount of cushioning in the mattress and top quality support structure to determine the firmness.

Important Considerations When Shopping For Mattresses For Kids

While choosing a good quality mattress may seem like daunting task, a closer look at modern mattress technologies can help you make the right choice.

Here are some issues that need to be considered by parents when buying a mattress for a kid.


Traditional practice to buy mattresses focus on the fact that firm mattresses make better choice for back pains and the cure.

However, it has been recently researched contoured sleeping maintains spine in a straight line as it provide body natural curved.

Thus, a little padding can help your young ones fall into restful and deep sleep.

Parents of preschoolers may need to invest in firm sleeping surfaces to lessen the risk of SIDS in their kids.

Young children should feel perfectly fine in soft bed.

Plush-firm mattresses make an excellent choice for children as they provide good mixture of support and padding for comfortable sleep.

Allergies in Kids

Many children tend to suffer from allergies and in most cases people are not even aware of the real causes of their allergies.

However, most common allergies are caused by microscopic animals and dust mites.

Real latex foam mattresses are regarded as natural repellants to dust mites.

On the other hand, latex rubber is not conducive to growth of bacteria, making it an ideal option for parents looking for hypoallergenic antibacterial mattress.

Since a good quality mattress can last up to 10 years, parents should try and ahead when buying a mattress for their kids.

Parents can consider pocketed coil mattress as well since these allow better contoured fit and comfort levels.

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