Buying The Best Mattress For Back Pain

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A lot of people experience lower back pain because of sleeping on the wrong or inappropriate mattress.

Lack of support from a poor quality mattress can strain muscles, reinforce poor sleeping posture, and might even move the spine out of alignment.

All the above mentioned factors can lead to some severe back pain.

In addition to this, if you’re unable to use a mattress according to your preferences, you may not feel comfortable while sleeping on the bed.

Thus, you need a mattress that provides both back support and comfort.

The best mattress for back pain can reduce lower back pain, and allow the structures in your spine to rejuvenate and rest during the night.

This makes sure you get sound sleep, and don’t experience any problems related to poor body posture or misalignment of the spine.

These days, you can choose from a wide range of mattresses available in the market.

With a lot of options to choose from, it may be difficult to make an informed choice.

In this post, we have discussed some of the most important guidelines to help you buy the perfect mattress.

If you follow the guidelines in this post, you will be able to make an informed choice, and buy a mattress that would not only provide some relief from back pain, but also prevent it.

Before discussing important things, let us explain some basic things you should consider.

Don’t Ignore Personal Preference – It is important to understand that you should never ignore your personal preference. It is worth mentioning that there’s no single mattress type or style that works for every person with lower back pain.

A mattress might help one person sleep without stiffness and pain, but may cause problems for the other individual.

Therefore, whatever works best for you will be a smart choice. If you’re suffering from lower back pain, you should buy a high quality mattress.

It should meet your specific standards and requirements for support and comfort.

The best mattress for back pain should allow you some good sleep at night. It should help you feel more comfortable.

Inquire About And Understand Various Physical Components – The inner springs or coils of a mattress should provide your back with exceptional support. Different mattresses in the market vary in their arrangement and number of coils.

Padding on top of your mattress may be available in a wide range of thicknesses.

In most cases, mattress depths range between 7-18 inches deep.

Your individual preferences would determine the type of padding, mattress depth and number of coils.

Mattresses With Back Support – There are some mattresses readily available in the market that are specifically designed for back support. In fact, even if you’re unable to find a specialized product, you should never overlook this factor.

A high quality mattress provides excellent support for the alignment of your spine and natural curves.

The right amount of low back support can also help you avoid any muscle soreness when you wake up in the morning.

Although there’s not sufficient clinical data about such properties of mattresses, some studies report that medium-firm mattresses can provide you with more relief from back pain than firm mattresses.

Balance Between Comfort And Back Support – This is perhaps the most important thing you need to consider.

The mattress should provide a balance between comfort and back support. When you’re sleeping on the mattress, both back support and comfort are important.

If you’re sleeping on a mattress that is too firm, it may cause pains and aches on your pressure joints.

This may lead to severe back problems. A medium-firm mattress always feels more comfortable, while providing your back with the required support.

Such a mattress allows your hips and shoulders to sink in. If you want a firmer mattress for lower back support, you should buy one with thicker padding.

It will be able to provide you with greater comfort.

Realize When You Should Buy A New Mattress – A lot of people delay the purchase.

If you’re suffering from low back pain, this can become a major problem. If your old mattress is no more comfortable or sags visibly, you should get it replaced.

It is important to understand that putting hard boards under an old mattress to keep it from sagging further is just a temporary solution.

In a few weeks, you will still require a new mattress.

It would be better to purchase a new one before your problem gets worse.

Best Mattresses On The Market For Back Pain

There are thousands of mattresses on the market, and while all of them promise a great and relaxing night’s sleep, not all of them promise efficient pressure point relief. Back pain is very common these days, and it is actually one of the main reasons for work absenteeism – not only is it triggered by bad posture, but also by uneven pressure that occurs during the sleep. Here you will find the top 3 best mattresses for back pain:

1. The King Size Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress By Silver Rest Sleep Products

As the name implies, this is a high end therapeutic memory foam mattress that is specifically designed for those who suffer from back and shoulder problems.

This is a 5.3-lb density viscoelastic foam mattress that will redefine your sleep experience and will help you alleviate your back problems without resorting to any medications whatsoever. Convenient, cost-effective, lightweight and dense, this therapeutic memory foam mattress certainly rises to its reputation.

The 100% content of advanced viscoelastic that measures five inches in thickness content makes this mattress stand out from the rest – that, and the fact that the viscoelastic layer is located on top of a 7-inch base layer made from high-quality and highly resilient support foam, for a unique and unmatched pressure point relief.

These materials make sure that the mattress will immediately response to your body shape and mold itself around it, for the best custom comfort and support you can get. The mattress measures 76 inches per 80 inches, and the base layer features an advanced Cool Air Flow technology that allows the air to seamlessly pass through the mattress. The product comes with a 20-year warranty from the manufacturer as well.

The mattress also comes with a 100% velour style cotton cover that can be easily removed, cleaned and dry, and that is highly resistant to dust mites and has high antimicrobial properties. The mattress guaranteed an efficient pressure points relief for a restful and comfortable sleep, while reducing all the body aches and pains at the same time.

2. The ComforPedic Enlightened Days Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

This luxury memory foam mattress comes in a California king size and it is offered by ComforPedic. The mattress features air cool memory foam that is made of true temp gel, which is specifically designed to absorb and store all the excess moisture and warmth, thus ensuring a pleasant and comfortable temperature.

The same air cool memory foam also molds around your body and provides an efficient and long lasting pressure point relief that will instantly reduce the aches and pain in your shoulders, neck and back area, while the independent support technology embedded in the mattress that features rows of sculpted cushions will provide a personalized support depending on your movement pattern.

Not only does the mattress offer a great support, but it also ensures a great airflow and breathability, while ensuring a very comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep at the same time through the unique temperature regulation system. Also, another high end feature is the Air Cool Transflexion Core which ensures a constant comfort and support throughout the years, helping the mattress retain its shape and therapeutic properties for decades.

The support technology of the ComforPedic mattress promotes a good and healthy sleeping posture that responds independently to your body shape, and it also features a multi action support layer that works to provide your body with the ultimate support. Moreover, the mattress also features high quality ventilated inner layers that help promote the airflow throughout the entire night, reducing the tossing and turning.

3. The Beautyrest Recharge Ravenshaw Mattress

This is an extra firm twin size mattress by Beautyrest, and what makes it a great choice for all those that suffer from excruciating back pain is the fact that it features the exquisite Beautyrest Pocketed Coil Technology, which consists of hundreds of coils that provide motion separation and conforming back support, for a truly comfortable night’s sleep.

Just like the mattress mentioned above, the Recharge Ravenshaw mattress by Beautyrest also features the Air Cool technology and the gel foam system that offers support and ensures an unrestricted airflow. Another element that adds to the pressure points relief is the Micro Gel Touch system which adds extra support while still ensuring freedom of movement and a balanced sleeping temperature.

The mattress also features a fully ventilated Air Cool BeautyEdge Foam Encasement for increased breathability, and the pocketed coil technology described above makes the mattress even more conforming to the conventional body shape while providing an outstanding and efficient back support that does not lose its effect over the years and efficient motion separation for a perfect and undisturbed night’s sleep, which is particularly useful for couples.

The mattress also features an advanced Triton foundation which is specifically designed to reduce the overall motion, to boost the strength of the mattress and to increase its durability at the same time. That, coupled with the special Transflexion Comfort Technology embedded In the mattress makes sure the mattress retains its supportive capacity and it will remain consistently comfortable and pleasant to sleep on over the years.

The mattress is also CertiPUR-US certified which makes it even more trustworthy and reliable. Made with polyurethane material of the highest quality, the mattress is very flexible and it rises to all the standards set for durability, content and emissions. The mattress has very low emissions which do not affect the quality of the air in any way, it contains no prohibited phthalates or ozone depleters whatsoever and it also has no lead, mercury or any other heavy metals in it.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to back pain mattresses, it must be mentioned that these products do not use one special mechanism to help the user relief pressure points and to get rid of the aches, but rather a combination of different technologies that work together towards achieving that goal. For instance, the individually pocketed coil technology works alongside the Air Cool memory foam and the Micro Gel Touch Technology, these technologies complete each other and ensure an unmatched back support.

Important Factors To Consider While Buying A New Mattress

When you’re shopping for the best mattress for back pain, you need to be aware of the value and quality of your purchase.

Here are some important things a patient should consider when buying a new mattress from the market.

Choose The Best Quality And Value – Most people focus on the price of the product. However, it is always better to focus on the quality and value of the mattress. A higher price never guarantees high quality.

A high price won’t mean the mattress is more supportive or comfortable.

There are many stores that offer some good discounts and promotional offers on a regular basis.

You should always compare options from such stores and make an informed choice.

Never Focus On Advertising Gimmicks – It is very important to ignore all kinds of unrealistic claims and advertising gimmicks.

Whenever you see a company claiming that a mattress is medically approved or orthopedic approved, you should be skeptical about the choice.

It is worth mentioning that there has not been extensive research or clinical trials regarding mattresses and their connection with lower back pain.

Thus, such claims are only unrealistic, and the advertiser is giving false pretenses to increase sales.

Although there are some good choices in the market that can help you with back pain, you need to compare different options to check the viability of the information provided.

You need to check if the features of the product would be beneficial or not.

If Possible, Try A Test Run – If possible, you should always give a test run to a mattress. Before you visit a mattress store, you should sleep on different models and makes.

This may be possible in hotel rooms or friends’ homes.

This comes in handy when you’re shopping online.

If you’re visiting a brick and mortar store, you should lie on a particular mattress for several minutes.

This would give you the idea if it’s an appropriate choice.

If two people are going to sleep on the mattress, both of them should test the mattress at the time same.

Such things not only tell you about the quality and comfort provided by the mattress, but also the amount of space you would be able to enjoy.

Both you and your partner should be comfortable on this mattress.

Buy Only From Trustworthy Companies – The best mattress for back pain can only be bought from a trustworthy company.

You need to consider a lot of things about the company, including :

● Experience in the industry

● Customer service

● Reputation

● Prices

● Warranties

● Delivery Options

● Payment Options

● Return Policy

It is always better to look for manufacturers and retailers who have been in the business for a long time.

This will make sure you’re completely satisfied with the mattress, and don’t experience any problems sleeping on it.

In order to preserve the quality and comfort of your mattress, you should reposition it every six months.

This will make sure your mattress is evenly worn.

You should rotate it 180 degrees, and even flip it lengthwise on a regular basis.

According to concerned organizations and researches, you should not put your mattress on a box spring that has not been designed specifically for the mattress.

This would dramatically decrease the life of your mattress.

Components Of A High Quality Mattress

Choosing the best mattress for back pain is never easy.

You need to look for a mattress that is high quality, supportive and comfortable. It should provide you with some relief from back pain, and allow you good night sleep.

At times, promotions, special features and marketing messages can make shopping for a new mattress quite challenging.

Therefore, it is important to understand the various components of a mattress.

You should be prepared to ask all kinds of questions about the mattress.

Proper knowledge will help you evaluate the quality and price of the mattress.

Thus, you will be able to make an informed choice. Besides design, the interior components of a mattress also play an important role.

Here are some components you need to consider :

Mattress Coils and Springs – Coils and springs play an important role in providing back support. Wires in the coils are available in different thicknesses. A lower gauge number represents a stiffer, thicker wire and firmer mattress.

Similarly, higher concentration of coils indicates a high quality mattress.

However, this does not mean that the highest number is always the best. Patients need to use their judgment regarding such decisions.

You need to find out the best mattress for back pain suitable to you.

Padding Provides More Comfort – The padding of a mattress can also indicate quality. In most cases, padding is made of materials like puffed up polyester, polyurethane foam, cotton batting and so on. Extensive padding is more expensive.

Middle Padding Plays An Important Role – This padding is right below the top layer. It is made with foam. Softer foams tend to feel moist, while firmer one springs back quickly. Sometimes, this layer is also made with cotton batting. It varies in thickness, and makes the mattress firmer.

Insulation Padding – Insulation padding is on top of coil springs. It makes sure coil springs aren’t felt from the top. Moreover, it also makes sure the coils don’t damage the top layers of your mattress.

Mattress Quilting and Ticking – The outer layer of your mattress consists of ticking. This is made with cotton polyester blend or just polyester. Mattress quilting is used to attach the ticking to other top layers of the padding. You should always examine the quality of quilting.

Mattress Foundations – The box spring or mattress foundation can add another level of support to your mattress. Most of the time, foundations consist of a metal or wooden frame with springs. With a plain wooden frame, the mattress may feel harder than one with high quality springs.

Wooden foundation should be purchased only if the wood does not have any cracks.

It should be completely straight. According to authorities and institutions, you should purchase the mattress and foundation as a set.

This can preserve your mattress.

Foam Mattresses

If you don’t want to buy traditional mattresses, there are also other options that might be suitable.

You can buy a mattress made entirely with latex foam or memory foam.

These mattresses are available in different densities. Some of these mattresses have multiple layers of foam.

Foam mattresses are available in different degrees of firmness.

You can choose from a wide range of options for more comfort and back support.

Your choice between a traditional mattress and foam mattress will depend on personal preference.

Why Memory Foam Works?

If you consider the way your spine is constructed, you will realize it has multiple bone segments interlocked with each other.

When the curve of your spine is distorted or flattened, the remainder needs to adjust to compensate causing it to dip.

This is even more important for people who sleep on their backs.

Even stomach sleepers experience this problem because their hips sing back far and exaggerate the curve of the lower back.

A memory foam mattress can be perfect for evenly distributing the weight.

It takes unnecessary pressure off different pressure points like hips, shoulders and buttocks.

It also provides support and natural contouring to various dips in your body, like neck and waist areas.

This can help reduce the pain, and your spine elongates and decompresses naturally.

It is very important to ask everything about the product, and examine various options thoroughly. It will help you make an informed choice.

If you follow the basic guidelines for choosing a new mattress, you will be able to sleep comfortably and experience some relief from back pain.

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