King, Queen, Full & Twin Mattress Size Dimensions

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Everybody knows the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. After helping herself to their kitchen furniture and porridge, Goldilocks decides it is time for a nap. Just as she had trouble choosing the appropriate chair and porridge, she had trouble choosing an appropriate bed.

While two-thirds of the mattresses were uncomfortable to her, they were all comfortably enjoyed by the bears to whom they actually belonged. When we go mattress shopping, we are much like Goldilocks.

It is important to test out multiple mattresses to make sure you make a selection that will not keep you up at night. Firmness and material are important factors, but first you are going to want to choose a mattress size.


Everyone knows what a twin bed looks like; they are typically found in children’s bedrooms. These mattresses, also known as singles, measure 38 inches by 74 inches.

While most commonly seen in children’s bedrooms, these beds are suitable for the average adult, but generally will not be comfortable for more than one person.




Twin XL

If you’ve ever lived in a dorm room, you’re probably familiar with the twin XL sized bed.

These beds are designed for taller adults: they are the same width as twin beds, but are six inches longer at 38 inches by 80 inches.

Because they aren’t any wider than twin beds, they aren’t generally suitable for two people.




If you find that a twin sized bed simply doesn’t provide enough room for you to stretch out, you may consider getting a full sized bed.

These mattresses, also known as doubles, measure 54 inches by 74 inches. Adults who are on the taller side may find that full sized beds aren’t quite long enough for them to sleep on comfortably.

Parents don’t often consider full sized beds for their children, but they are a great option if you wish to lie down with your child to make them comfortable enough to fall asleep.

Couples may want to choose a larger bed for added comfort.


If you find that a full sized bed doesn’t allow you and your partner to fully stretch out, a queen sized bed may be a good option for you.

Measuring 60 inches by 80 inches, these mattresses are currently the most popular size on the market due to their combination of size and value.





If you want all of the comfort of sleeping in a twin XL bed without sacrificing the comfort of sleeping with a partner, you might want to look into a king sized mattress.

At 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, the king sized mattress is the widest option available, specialty beds aside.

Even if you are comfortable sleeping close to your partner, you may want to consider a king sized mattress over a queen sized if you have pets or children who may be sharing the bed with you.

Because of their large size, they are paired with split box springs, which are easier to maneuver than queen or full sized box springs. You also have the option of purchasing a “split king” bed which allows you to separate the set into two twin xl beds.

California King

If you find that a king sized mattress isn’t quite long enough, and don’t mind sacrificing four inches in width, you may want to consider a California king mattress.

Measuring 72 inches wide by 84 inches long, these mattresses are a full four inches longer than standard king sized mattresses.

Even though you sacrifice some width with this option, you still get 6 more inches, per person, than a queen sized mattress affords.

The extra length also makes these mattresses ideal for adjustable beds, which tend to feel shorter with the head or feet elevated.

Extra Tips On Choosing The Correct Mattress Size 

As you can see, there is something for everyone in terms of mattress size.

If you are purchasing a mattress for a child, it may be easy to opt for a twin, but investing in a full sized bed initially will mean you won’t have to purchase a larger mattress and bed frame as the child ages.

If you sleep alone, a queen or full sized mattress might suffice, and if you sleep with a partner and your child or pets occasionally join you, you will probably want to invest in a larger, king or California king sized mattress.

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