What is a Euro Top Mattress? – How the Extra Padding Rocks You to Sleep

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Whether you are moving out on your own for the first time or it is finally time to retire your old mattress, your mattress is one of the most significant investments you can make in your health. A quality mattress can rid you of back and neck pain and allow you to sleep better than you ever have before. If you are looking for the highest quality mattress, you need to learn what is a Euro top mattress.


So, what is a Euro top mattress? A Euro top mattress is a commonly found mattress that features a strong, supportive foundation and a high-quality top layer made of premium material.

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One of the best characteristics is the thickness of the top layer. It is also great because there is no discernible difference between the top and the bottom layer of the mattress around the edges. If you are looking for pain relief, deeper sleep, or not waking up sweating in the middle of the night, a Euro top mattress may be the right choice for you.


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Now that you can answer what is a Euro top mattress, you may decide you want to invest in one. If you do, you may also wonder how to extend the useful life of your Euro top mattress. Most mattresses last between 10 and 20 years. However, if you want to increase the longevity of your Euro top mattress, here are some simple, effective steps you can take:

  • Do not allow your children to jump on the mattress as it causes unnecessary wear and tear on the coils
  • Clean your mattress frequently so it remains dust-free and looks brand new
  • If the top layer of your mattress has become compressed (after about eight years), you can easily replace just the top layer

To keep your mattress clean with little hassle, use sheets to cover it and keep the top layer safe from dust. If you are worried about your pets having an incontinence episode and staining the top layer, put an absorbent mattress pad between the mattress and your sheets. If the top layer stains, use a light sponge to absorb the stains with the help of special sprays.


When asked what is a Euro top mattress, most people describe a pillow top mattress. While similar, a pillow top mattress features a soft topper stitched onto the mattress that feels softer and more luxurious than a standard top. It differs from a Euro top mattress in that the edges of the pillow top are not flush with the edges of the foundation. Thus, you may feel you are about to fall off the bed if you sleep on the edge.

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The foundation of the pillow top mattress is usually made of spring coils, sturdy foam, or a combination of the two. The pillow top itself is most often made from latex, memory foam, or polyester. Unlike traditional mattresses, a pillow top mattress cannot be flipped upside down to extend the life of the mattress. This is because the pillow top is only on the top of the mattress, and you do not want to sleep on the foundation.


A pillow top mattress is comfortable, especially if you wake up with neck and back pain. However, the soft top of these mattresses is not as durable as that of Euro top mattresses. For example, the top layer of a Euro top mattress lasts around eight years before it becomes too compressed to support your pressure points. The top of a pillow top mattress lasts only three years.


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Euro top mattresses can be made of several materials. These include latex, memory foam, and gel. Each has its pros and cons. Try to visit a local retailer that sells mattresses to help you decide which type of mattress is right for you.


Latex is filled with holes that allow for superior airflow. This efficiently transfers heat away from your body so you sleep cool throughout the night, even if your room is warm. High-quality latex is durable, and a latex Euro top mattress will not need to be replaced any time soon.


Memory foam is ideal for those who cannot tolerate the cold. These foams are designed to trap heat so you have a nice, warm bed to sleep in. However, if you prefer to sleep cool, Tempurpedic makes a variety of memory foam mattresses. Some of these take in the heat but others disperse heat to keep you cool.


Gel foam mattresses are the latest innovation in the sleep industry. Like water, the gel within these Euro top mattresses first absorbs heat and then dissipates it. Do your research to find the best gel foam Euro top mattress. Mattresses with infused gel last longer and work better than mattresses with gel beads.


How do you know if a Euro top mattress is right for you? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to feel like royalty when I sleep?
  • Do I want a mattress with superior edge support
  • Do I want a mattress with incredible value?
  • Do I want a mattress that will last me three times longer than other mattresses?
  • Do I want a mattress that will contour my body as I sleep while maintaining its shape and softness for years to come?
  • Will I sleep better with a medium-plush mattress where comfort and support meet?

If you answered yes to all six of the above questions, a Euro top mattress is probably the right fit for you. If you are still on the fence, ask yourself the following questions to see if you might like a pillow top mattress:

  • Do I want a soft mattress that feels like a giant, fluffy cloud or pillow?
  • Do I have special, extra-large sheets that will fit over a pillow top mattress?
  • Do I want to pay more for a mattress that will not last as long as other mattresses?
  • Do I sleep in the middle of the bed and not need very good edge support?


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Now that you can answer what is a Euro top mattress, you may believe that this mattress is right for you. If so, you’re probably wondering which brand to buy.

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We strongly recommend the Sealy mattress. It is encased within a cotton cover, and the construction of the foundation is a durable, recycled coil-on-coil design. There are some firmness and height options so you can customize your ideal mattress. This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. You can sleep easy at night knowing that this mattress will last you a long time.


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There are several factors to consider when picking out the best Euro top mattress for you. These include what position you sleep in, if you have a partner who tosses and turns throughout the night, whether you want to sink into your mattress or sleep on top of it, if you sleep hot, if you have allergies, how much the mattress bounces and the quality of the warranty available.


Many people forget about how bouncy a mattress is when they are picking one out. If you like your mattresses to feel springy, you want springs with a thin gauge, like an 18-gauge. If you dislike bouncy mattresses, a 12-gauge spring will suit you best. If you and your partner are heavier set, a thicker gauge will support your pressure points better than a thin gauge.


If you sleep warm and dream of a cool mattress, you need a Euro top with a fiberfill top and innerspring foundation. While some memory foam mattresses sleep cool, your best bet is to go with a fiberfill. The cooling factor of memory foam is hit or miss.


If you suffer from allergies, look into getting a foam or latex Euro top mattress. Both materials are antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and resistant to dust mites and mold. If you sleep hot and do not want to risk a foam mattress, purchase a hypoallergenic cover so you can enjoy the cool, soft, supportive comfort of a Euro top without the heat.


The answer to what is a Euro top mattress can be summed up succinctly. A Euro top mattress is a dreamy combination of supportive yet soft material. Unlike pillow tops, there is premium support throughout the mattress. Thanks to its innovative design, sleeping on the edge of the bed will feel the same as sleeping on the center of the bed.

If you are looking for recommendations for a Euro top mattress, we cannot recommend the Saatva mattress more highly. It is durable, comfortable, comes with a 120-night risk-free test period and a 15-year warranty. Do you need a new mattress? If so, what are you waiting for? Pick out a Euro top mattress and sleep like a brick tonight.

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