Stearns And Foster Mattress Reviews You Need to See

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Our Stearns and Foster mattress reviews examine the end product of a very long and noble manufacturing line. The Stearns and Foster Company is currently known as one of the most popular, reputable, and trustworthy manufacturers of luxury mattresses in the United States of America.

Founded back in 1846 in Cincinnati by Seth Foster and George Stearns, the company initially started as one of the main cotton consumers in the USA, as it was the first factory to actually produce cotton wadding.

The company used to manufacture different cotton goods that were widely used in creating high-end upholstery for horse carriages – this is how the company made a name and a reputation for itself prior to specializing exclusively in the manufacturing of mattresses and becoming one of the world’s premier luxury mattress manufacturers and suppliers.

Several years after that, the company expanded into cotton products and mattresses, relocating to Lockland where it began manufacturing hundreds of state-of-the-art mattresses a year.

Stearns and Foster Mattress Reviews

Nowadays, the high-quality Stearns and Foster mattresses are only made by skilled, certified and highly-trained craftsmen who always make sure to rise to the highest standards set in the industry.

The company has a line of mattresses designed to accommodate the needs and requirements of even the most demanding users, as they are designed and built in the US, with the highest attention to detail.

Made from a combination of the finest handpicked textiles, silk, and cooling foams, Stearns and Foster mattresses are designed to provide the utmost comfort and relaxation, for the ultimate night’s sleep.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Stearns and Foster Mattress?

Outstanding Craftsmanship

Part of the quality of the mattresses is given by their unique patented design and the impeccable craftsmanship, as these mattresses are designed to last for years.

This is precisely why the Stearns and Foster mattresses are accompanied by a 20-year warranty that comes to certify the irreproachable quality of the products.

The company started to manufacture comfortable and luxurious mattresses out of the desire to combine class and style with passion and comfort, and the dedication of the craftsmen can be easily noticed in the carefully crafted designs.

Some of the most commonly used materials for the manufacturing of these high-end mattresses include:

  • handpicked wool and cotton
  • memory foam
  • gel memory foam of the highest quality
  • silk and cashmere for the ultimate comfort, due to their pleasant feeling to the touch.

Smart Latex is also widely used for the mattresses, as this material is known to stand out from the rest through its increased durability, breathability rate, and its resiliency.

The company is constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of its mattresses, in order to meet the highest qualities of sleep.

In addition to this, the work of the craftsmen who made the Stearns and Foster mattresses is constantly evaluated and scrutinized, to ensure the perfection and the comfort of each individual product.

Unparalleled Luxury And High-Quality Support

Even though the unparalleled attention to detail and the use of the finest materials is what places the Stearns and Foster company amongst the world’s most reputable manufacturers in this industry, it is also the cutting edge, exquisite technologies used for making the mattresses that actually make the company a one-of-a-kind supplier.

Did you know that creating an exquisite and luxurious Stearns and Foster mattress is twice more time-consuming than creating an average mattress?

This happens because the mattresses are tempered twice and they are all carefully wrapped in an advanced titanium alloy coil system designed to help the mattress maintain its shape and design, providing the end user a good night’s sleep for years to come.

This cutting-edge system also supports the efficient motion transfer while ensuring an efficient and individualized support, thus making the mattresses suitable for two users without even sensing the presence of the other one.

Best Stearns and Foster Mattresses

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High Tech for the Discerning Sleeper

The technological and engineering advances in use by Stearns and Foster are also evident in their line of motorized adjustable bases and low profile bed box springs. For those who wish to purchase the epitome of a good mattress (“a firm mattress from a mattress firm”) and box spring, Stearns and Foster is the one to beat. They believe that owning a good mattress isn’t just a convenience… it should be a genuine pleasure. But one that can still be purchased by an enterprising shopper at Costco or

As mentioned above, the Stearns and Foster Company offers several major lines of luxury mattresses, and each line has its own support system and innerspring mechanism.

The dual stage coil system, for instance, is a revolutionary system that doubles the benefits of the single stage coil, thus making the mattress twice as durable, relaxing and comfortable, while ensuring an enhanced motion separation. If you’re curious about the differences between forms of mattresses, you might check out this guide to general mattress types.

How Are Stearns and Foster Mattresses Constructed?

Here you will find out more about the technologies that are used for manufacturing the reputable Stearns and Foster mattresses.


1. The Intellicoil Technology

The Intellicoil Technology is used for creating soft cashmere mattresses whose covers are infused with wool fibers and luxurious silk fibers.

These mattresses are specifically designed to offer unparalleled, efficient and long-lasting comfort, through the high-density foam that is embedded in them.

The Intellicoil Technology is widely used for the manufacturing of several different mattress models, and the customer has the option to customize and design their own mattress by selecting the desired material or content (either luxury gel latex foam or memory foam in most cases).

The Intellicoil coils are carefully and individually wrapped, for the utmost support, comfort, and relaxation, while the foam of the mattress is encased with an all-around 360-degrees system designed to allow the user to get comfortable and relaxing sleep even when sleeping close to the edge of the mattress.

2. The Pocket Coil Technology

Another widely used technology is the Pocket Coil Technology, which is embedded in mattresses made of luxurious wool and silk fibers and filled with high-density foams for the utmost comfort.

Just like the Intellicoil system described above, the Pocket Coil Technology makes sure that the nested pocket coils are also individually wrapped for the best sensation possible, and that the foam is carefully and completely encased, for the best sleeping experience.

3. The Dual System Coil Technology

Last, but certainly not least, the Dual Support System Coil is used for the high-density foam mattresses made of wool and luxurious silk fibers, and it also applies to the luxury Smart Latex foam and the gel memory foam models as well.

That being said, the Dual Support System differs from the two other systems through the titanium strength that is designed for a deep down cradling support that the user has never experienced before, offering the ultimate night’s rest.

That, coupled with the unique Ever Edge support system helps the craftsmen design mattresses with the perfect age that allows the users to redefine the way they sleep and relax.


Stearns and Foster have created this company that has quickly grown to become an authority in the mattress manufacturing industry based on the principle of quality, and they have reinvented and perfected their crafting techniques and materials with every mattress set they manufactured. Shopping for the best Stearns and Foster mattress to meet your needs — whether you seek a Stearns and Foster pillow top mattress, a Stearns and Foster waterproof mattress, or one of their special edition base and mattress combinations — their fabled customer service stands behind every Stearns and Foster mattress sold.

For almost 170 years, the Stearns and Foster company has made no compromise in terms of quality and it has always used the highest quality materials available on the market for creating its signature and timeless mattresses.

Why Are The Materials So Important?

Initially, the mattresses were widely sold to hotels, but now they are aimed at residential owners who know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep.

The quality of the material has a direct influence on the quality of your sleep.

In other words, the mattress material and the type of foam that was used for creating it can make or break your night’s sleep, and at Stearns and Foster Company, the craftsmen always design the best mattresses for enhancing your sleep experience by paying attention to any and all the fine details.

That being said, the mattresses are usually made with a combination of two or more material fibers, and the most commonly used ones are the silk and wool fibers, given their increased breathability and unmatched comfort rating.

It is known that these fibers help you stay warm during the winter nights and cool during the hot summer days, thus ensuring a comfortable and constant sleeping temperature.

One of the many reasons why the Stearns and Foster mattresses are made primarily of wool fibers is because it has been around for thousands of years, and it has several notable benefits over synthetic materials.

Not only is it extremely cozy and comfortable, but it is a water repellent and it has naturally-insulating properties as well. Stearns and Foster mattresses consistently get the highest marks from Consumer Reports, a good reason for which is the quality of materials they use.

Movement Transfer And Comfort

The interior of the sleeping mattresses is just as important as the exterior, and it is important to say that Stearns and Foster uses high-end and high-density pre-compressed foams to make the mattress as durable and comfortable as possible.

Some models use Gel Infused Smart Latex or simply the Smart Latex for pressure relieving comfort and for increased breathability, and it is extremely important to keep in mind your personal preferences when designing on the material.

For instance, the Gel Infused Smart Latex is up to 500% more breathable than the high-density foam, and it also offers slightly more body support.

There is little to no movement transfer, and this is precisely why these mattresses are so comfortable to sleep on, even when sharing the bed with somebody else.

The Stearns And Foster Innovation

The company is committed to constantly improving its manufacturing techniques and to reinvent itself in order to rise to the same high standards it has accustomed its customers with. With that in mind, it must be said that each type of technology described above has its own innovation system – taking the Intellicoil system, it features individually wrapped coils that have an exquisite and one of a kind coil in coil design that both cradles and supports your body at the same time.

Innovations Include:

  • Special deluxe fibers that come with tension relieving, 360-degree encased foam for supreme comfort.
  • Belgian stretch knit fabric, is widely used in many mattress models, extremely popular for its soft and pleasant touch (Cashmere).

This knit fabric also uses advanced silver ions designed to prevent the growth of bacteria in the long run, as it is known that one of the main causes of bad mattress smell is given by microbes and bacteria that thrive and develop in the fibers.

Fortunately, this will never be the case with this exquisite material which guarantees prolonged freshness.

The soft layer of micro mini pillow coils is yet another notable Stearns and Foster innovation, which is designed to provide a unique, comfortable and luxurious feeling while still efficiently supporting your entire body.

Nonetheless, the innovation and the materials used to create the state of the art Stearns and Foster mattresses only account for part of the final product, as most of the merits belong to the craftsmanship.

The company only hire elite craftsmen who have managed to pass a rigorous test and who can carry on the name and reputation of the company as a premier luxury mattress brand both in the United States of America and outside the country.

The Stearns And Foster Comfort Levels: How To Measure The Firmness Of A Stearn and Foster Mattress

Another important aspect that makes this luxury mattress manufacturer so sought-after these days is the fact that it offers several different levels of comfort and customers have the chance to try different cushioning types prior to making their decision. The company offers four main types of surface feels, and each one of them has a different support degree. But two of those support levels are most important:

  • Firm comfort level is specifically designed for those who want strong, efficient and stiff support, and it is particularly useful for those with back problems who want to keep their spine straight throughout the night.
  • Cushion Firm, on the other hand, is slightly softer and more malleable than the Firm comfort level
  • Plush has superior softness coupled with a deep and efficient support.
  • Ultra Plush level provides maximum softness with yielding support.

Cleaning And Caring For The Mattresses

One of the aspects that contribute the most to the reputation of the company is the durability and outstanding longevity of the mattresses, which makes them an outstanding long-term investment.

Nonetheless, the longer lasting the mattress is, the more cleaning and maintenance it requires in order to preserve its quality, hygiene and freshness, this is why it is essential to keep it clean and to avoid liquid spills of any kind.

It is extremely important to let the mattress “breathe” for a few days after removing it from the plastic packaging in which it will be delivered to it, to get rid of the smell.

Part of caring for the mattresses involves rotating them on a regular basis in order to reduce the body impressions that may occur in the upholstery layers.

Given the fact that the mattresses are made of an advanced antibacterial material that does not support bacterial growth, the manufacturer only recommends regular vacuuming as a cleaning technique, in order to keep the mattresses as good as new for years to come.

However, if you have accidentally spilled liquids on the mattress and it got stained, clean the stain solely with mild soap and cold water, avoiding any heavy cleaning product or dry cleaning technique that may interfere with the upholstery material and the unparalleled level of comfort that the Stearns and Foster mattresses are widely known for.

Longevity And Warranty

  • The mattresses are built to last, as they have been for the past 170 years from the moment the company was founded.
  • The mattresses are very durable and long-lasting, and not only are they very reliable in the long haul, but their quality is very well-preserved as well.
  • The mattress will look and feel luxurious for many years, and they will provide the same efficient body support even 10 years from the moment of purchase.

This is precisely why all the Stearns and Foster mattresses, regardless of the collection to which they belong, come with a generous 20-year limited warranty. Every Stearns and Foster mattress warranty is fully supported by customer service.

The Pros And Cons Of The Stearns And Foster Mattresses

The most notable benefits of the Stearns and Foster mattresses are, by far, their luxurious appearance, their increased durability as well as their superior level of comfort.

In addition to this, there are numerous different models that are tailored to the needs and preferences of different customers.

Another benefit is the fact that the primary support of these mattresses is ensured through the individually wrapped coils.

In addition to this, the cover and the comfort layer are made of a variety of different materials that are very pleasant to the touch, from cotton, wool, and cashmere to silk and even horsehair.


The Stearns and Foster Company is committed to manufacturing state of the art luxury mattresses designed to accommodate the needs and personal preference of different customer groups, and the models vary in terms of fabrics from the softest ones to hand-tufted finishes. The Stearns and Foster mattress names and series designations are listed below.

1. The Signature Series

As the name implies, the Signature series is basically the iconic collection of the company that encompasses the timeless appearance of the products with the craftsmen’s unique skills and great attention to detail.

That being said, some of the most notable features and benefits of the Signature mattress series include the silk infused cover for extra comfort, the exclusive Stearns and Foster signature encased coil, the natural fiber upholstery, the solid brass air vents or the well-known OUTLAST proactive temperature management system.

2. The Estate Series

Slightly more expensive than the models belonging to the Signature series, the Estate collection is an exquisite collection of mattresses that come with refined cashmere-infused quilts and carefully and manually embroidered accouterments.

All the models within the Estate collection encompass the features and functions of the Signature mattresses, the sole difference is that they have additional benefits such as the cashmere-infused cover for the ultimate comfort and softness, two times more memory foam than the Signature models as well as coils encased with the Intellicoil technology. The Estate series include the very popular Euro Pillowtop mattress set.

3. The Lux Estate Series

The Lux Estate series is undoubtedly one of the most exquisite and sought-after collections belonging to the Stearns and Foster Company and for a good reason, given the fact that its models feature luxurious silks and soft cashmere of the highest quality. S&F makes no compromise in terms of material quality!

The mattresses from the Lux Estate series feature all the benefits of the Estate collection, along with an advanced cotton and wool insulator, a cover that is thoroughly infused in silk and cashmere, an advanced latex specialty foam, two times more memory foam than the Estate mattresses and top-notch manual tufting.

4. The Lux Estate Hybrid Series

The final collection is the Lux Estate Hybrid series, which is the most luxurious and also the most expensive collection released by the Stearns and Foster Company.

As the name of this collection implies, the models within the Lux Estate Hybrid series feature an exquisite combination of half spring and half foam mattresses designed for the deepest and most relaxing restorative sleep the user can possibly get.

At the same time, the bottom half of the mattresses are designed to provide a better, more efficient and longer lasting body support than any other model mentioned above.

The Lux Estate Hybrid mattresses feature all the benefits of the Lux Estate series, but they are improved with additional features designed to take the user’s sleep a mile further.

The OUTLAST-based, PrimaCool Elite Gel Memory Foam is one of these features, along with the ultra stretch fabrics and the silk and cashmere-infused PrimaComfort covers.

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